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katdeville fourplus
Artist: Kat de Ville
Title: Four Plus
Genre: Dark Ambient / Electronic
Release Date: 10th October 2020
Label: self-released

Album Review

Autumn, especially late autumn, turning into the first frosty twilight, requires a soundtrack for all the pains and sorrows, anxiety and hopelessness, everything that is now neutrally sadly called melancholy. In any case, the ‘Four Plus’ album of another creative incarnation of KAT DE VILLE comes out just in time.

The descent to the Dark Ambient tunnels begins in ‘Ice Cold’. The piercing of the keys here dissolves into the atmosphere, mood and haphazard thoughts. Detachment, coldness and nothing else, rare overflows and chimes in the spirit of horror OSTs. The mystical theme obviously develops in ‘Between the shadow and the soul’ and in the track ‘Underworld’, which is more alive in its “unlife”. Extremely contemplative tracks, permeated with a certain presentiment of something impending, fatal and therefore capable of making people realize their helplessness, insignificance and loneliness. ‘Mankind solution’ makes the transition to more understandable realms, closer to the ringing light, the large-scale ‘Aurora’ hits the listener with tons of sadness. And then the contrast - the laconic ‘Sleepless’, that forms a cyclical, endless sound ornament followed by ‘Rethinking’ as a logical outcome of everything.

With due attention, ‘Four Plus’ can be traced back to other works by Kat in different projects. But what is captivating is that in this case the handwriting did not overlap the general artistic intent and emotional background of the album. So we got a complete and holistic work that fully corresponds to the declared concept.


01. Ice Cold
02. Between the shadow and the soul
03. Underworld
04. Mankind solution
05. Aurora
06. Sleepless
07. Rethinking


Kat de Ville

Website /

Cover Picture

katdeville fourplus


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

You can find Russian version of the review on

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