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thelonemadman letthenightcome
Artist: The Lone Madman
Title: Let The Night Come
Genre: Epic Doom Metal
Release Date: 28th February 2021
Label: Journey’s End Records

Album Review

Nowadays some re-releases have more lives and incarnations than bad movie franchises. ‘Let The Night Come’ of THE LONE MADMAN was originally released in 2019 on another label just to be rediscovered by Journey’s End Records and blessed with a fine vinyl release. THE LONE MADMAN is a Finnish Doom Metal band that was conceived in 2014. 2016 saw a single called ‘Soul Stillborn’ and a EP named ‘Dreary Task’. Sound-wise THE LONE MADMAN is comparable to bands like REVEREND BIZARRE and BRITON RITES. The feeling is that of sadness, desperation and even a bit of the occult (there is a foreboding feel to the lyrics that is kinda creepy but beautiful). Sometimes I even think of legends like SCALD or SORCERER even if this brilliance is not achieved, I dig the general direction of the band’s sound and the involved talent. The narratives these artists forge on this record is really awesome and even a bit impressive. This is Epic Doom like I need and want it: expertly thought out, composed and executed with a passion for the gloomy and dark spots on the metal heads soul. I am looking forward to more of this!


01. Let the Night Come
02. The Downfall
03. Häxan
04. House of Mourning


Turkka Inkilä - Vocals, Guitars, Flute
Juuso Raunio - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Veera Vallinkoski - Bass, Backing Vocals
Leevi Lönnrot - Drums

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Cover Picture

thelonemadman letthenightcome


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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