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outofnowhere blindcrow
Artist: Out Of Nowhere
Title: Blind Crow
Genre: Djent / Metalcore / Nu Metal / Metal / Alternative / Progressive
Release Date: 23rd February 2021
Label: self-released

Album Review

Born and bred in Mashad, Iran, OUT OF NOWHERE is a Djent / Metalcore group. Since their formation in 2010, the group has released a full-length, an EP, and a couple of singles. They have been one of the most active Metal bands in a country where metal music is illegal and bands often get arrested for playing live or making music. Regardless of the risk of being arrested by the oppressive regime, OUT OF NOWHERE courageously played many sold-out shows across the country. OUT OF NOWHERE has steadily evolved their sound throughout the years, crossing the borders of Alternative, Metalcore, Djent, and Prog. This ever-evolving nature has been apparent in the upcoming single ‘Blind Crow’, an over-four-minute number well supplied with suspense, apocalyptic surroundings, violent breakdowns, glass-shattering screams, and syncopated riffs.

“We started 15 years ago in one of the most religious cities in Iran. Despite everyone saying you can’t make it, we didn’t give up on our dreams, so we made the pact that we will make them our goal to make sure we’ll all see a day that our message has been spread around the world. No matter what, no matter how many sticks and stones will get thrown at us,” OUT OF NOWHERE sheds light on their struggle to Knotfest. “We tried to describe the life cycle from the beginning till the end, painting all the pain and suffering most people carry through their lives - it can be depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness that we live with. We are ambitious enough to set this song as an example of how you can survive no matter how low you think you are right now. Just stay on your path and keep going,” informs the group on the subject of the track.

With their heaviest single to date, the Persian metal outfit continues to resist authority. And I quite like it! The intro has a tinkly piano followed by punch through a wall bass and drum before it moves on into a Nu-Metal cacophony in the style of COAL CHAMBER or SYSTEM OF A DOWN. The vocal is gritty and gravelly, then cavernous before shifting to an icy water smoothness. I like the little touch of adding an allusion to ‘The Exorcist’ with the addition of a few eerie notes of piano throughout. And then after a 4-minute ride through this bombast of blackness it ends with a trailing abruptness! Job done! Impression made! If you live in a country like the UK where you are not going to get executed for playing Metal you get a different vibe from the music than when you listen to this.

There’s a sense of walking the line, testing the waters of what can be got away with. There’s the sense that at any moment you could be dragged out of a recording session by your ears, whilst you still have them, and thrown into a van to be taken away to some dingy cell somewhere where some burley chaps with sticks bastinado your soles and then you’re locked away until some farcical trial is quickly assembled that unanimously finds you guilty and you are then, well, we won’t go there. So, get this played, recorded and out there asap, get the message of the defiance out so that the fight can continue if you can’t. This is what gives this track poignancy and an edge!


Amin Yahyazade – Vocals
Ali Mostanbet – Guitars
Hamid Shahcheraghi – Bass
Jalil Savarkar – Drums


Cover Picture

outofnowhere blindcrow


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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