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metameat infrasupra
Artist: Meta Meat
Title: Infrasupra
Genre: Experimental
Release Date: 15th September 2021
Label: Ant-Zen / La Label Beige

Album Review

META MEAT is a project of two musicians Somekilos and Phil Von. Already their first release, ‘Metameat’ of 2016, drew attention to the French duo. The new release ‘Infrasupra’ only confirms their status of masters in building a unique sonic vibe and atmosphere. Exquisite tribal and ethic tints to their music make it as mysterious as dynamic. A fine balance of juxtaposing elements, truly addictive rhythm and catchy flow make the album a fantastic treat for those who bend towards a more experimental side.

The album opens with a kind of a cacophony of intermingling voice sounds that are slowly arising to reach their peak and then are sharply cut to silence. It already gives you a foretaste of the matter you’ll be facing throughout the album: ‘Animal’ is all about the beat and vocalic experiments, fabulous, stunning choruses - a genuine display of human voice power and of what it may achieve when used in an original manner. Mysterious, untampered sounds that accumulate slowly disquieted and attract at the same time.

What comes next is a cascade of the changeable rhythm - steady and pulsating or stumbling, irregular, surprising still extremely rhythmical. The tracklist is arranged to create a variable set of patterns that lead the listener's mind straight to a total trance. ‘Resurgent’ is my favourite song on the album - it’s an excellent example of incantations slowly speeding up to resemble an avalanche of sonic beats. Actually, the very beat itself seems to be a call, an opening you cannot neglect, cannot resist - you have to follow. It’s highly spiritual and yet physical; it moves the listener on many levels, reaches the subconscious, and sets both the body and mind in a state of both euphoria and free flow.

The way META MEAT employ voice and sound makes it both linguistically and sonically universal; it evokes some primal associations in one’s mind, makes one find the fundamental rhythms in one’s bloodstream. It is truly mesmerising and hypnotizing sonic matter. The effect is also achieved by means of the abundance of instruments applied to work for the final result: caja cuerda, toms, wooden rattles, cymbals or hand drums. A characteristic feature of the album is the impression of uncontrollable running sound streams it creates - as if the sounds were cumulating, pilling up to reach their peak and then disperse in a loosely laced melody like delicate, intangible light streams. The second distinctive I find most beautiful is the beat which is as intriguing as dynamic - it adds exceptional energy to the whole.

It’s hard to say which prevails in META MEAT music - is it darkness or light - I have a feeling the music leads to the very centre of human nature, to the world of uncontrolled reactions, thoughts, feelings, to the place where ideas flow freely and where warmth dominates over cold. Cause it's definitely not a lukewarm, precisely planned or coldly calculated and structured form - it's as if forged in a creative heat, full-blooded, extremely honest and heart-rendering music.

Of course, one cannot deny the perfection of the very thing,  both in its structuring and performance. However, I guess ‘Infrasupra’ forte lies not that much in the care the artists paid to the making of every song, but rather in the gorgeous effect it has upon the listener: it offers the feeling of an escape, of free-running thoughts, of untamed imagination, open spaces, wild element and genuine fire found within oneself. If you yearn for the most unique, uncontrollable beat in a fine company of vocalic experiments and overall atmosphere of wild sonic poetry turned into tribal melodic feast - META MEAT ‘Infrasupra’ is your thing.


01. Animal
02. Resurgent
03. Vagabond
04. Plagued
05. Dichotomy
06. Trampled
07. Proie
08. Downrising
09. Primitive
10. Antilogue


Phil Von


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metameat infrasupra


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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