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maudthemoth orphne
Artist: Maud The Moth
Title: Orphne
Genre: Avant Garde / Classical / Jazz / Alternative / Dark Soul
Release Date: 25th June 2020
Label: Self Released

Album Review

MAUDE THE MOTH emerged from the cocoon in 2010 and is the brainchild of Madrid-born pianist / singer / songwriter Amaya Lopez Carromero. Childhood was the fertile ground that Amaya used wisely to study classical music and to record onto her family’s twin cassette the fruits of a fertile imagination. The fully formed MAUD THE MOTH, the alter ego, is the conduit for life experiences which draws upon many other musical influences too, including traditional Folk, Jazz, Avant-Garde and Rock. In ten years, two albums have been released, ‘Home Futile Home’ (2011) and ‘The Inner Wastelands’ (2015). ‘Orphne’ (Darkness) is the 3rd album which was released on the 25th June 2020 and was mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano who has also worked with the likes of ULVER, SOSTAFIR, GHOST and HEXVESSEL.

I quite like it actually! The overall sound is one of darkness, dreams and all is not what it seems. There is beauty in its sinister undertones and a seductive pull that grabs your attention and holds it tight, you succumb as if consumed by absinthe and opiates. It’s not dark as in Black Metal, it’s like you know it’s there but you are not so much aware of it until you are in it, do you know what I mean?

The first track ‘Ecdysis’ has a lilting quality to it, very Jazzy. The vocals are reminiscent of Grace Solero’s voice in places and I have images of sunsets in deserts and cacti glistening with moisture in the evening air. The vibrato vocal sways in a Diamanda Galas like manner as lizards flit here and there in my mind’s vision, leaving skin casings in the sand. I mustn’t forget the Iberian feel to the overall sound, it’s not laid on thick like a cake plastered with too much cream but used sparingly, just to let you know… ‘Finisterrae’ is ghostly! The violin counters the wail of the vocal which in turn morphs into a plea like singing. It’s as if we are witnessing the end of the earth.

‘As Above, So Below’ is Diamanda Galas in tone although the vocal does not exude the same level of depth. The feel of the piano does though before it shifts to a dark and watery tone, again violins are used to accompany this motive. The Polish singer Basia springs to mind on the next track ‘Mormo and the Well’. All jazzy, easy and shabba dabba dooey! I’m not really a Jazz person but this is good! Overall, this is a good album! I like it, maybe a few chemical enhancements would help the trip along somewhat but in the main this is a good listen that did not have me reaching for the stop button at any time during its play time. That’s something, and that something has got me checking out the previous two albums.


01. Ecdysis
02. The Mirror Door
03. The Stairwell
04. The Abattoir
05. Finisterrae
06. As Above So Below
07. Mormo And The Well
08. Epoxy Bonds


Amaya Lopez-Carromero - Vocals, Piano, Celeste, Synths, Psaltery and Percussion
Paul Gonzalez - Drums
Guillaume Martin - Guitar
Alicia Garcia - Violins
Ivan Carames - Cello


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maudthemoth orphne


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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