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lambofgod omens
Artist: Lamb Of God
Title: Omens
Genre: Groove Metal / Metal Core
Release Date: 7th October 2022
Label: Epic Records

Album Review

LAMB OF GOD and their vocalist Randy Blythe are one of those bands that actually don’t need an introduction but I never wrote about the band and its members so we have to go through this together. First and foremost: a few years ago, I would have titled their music as harsh noise but, just like a Pokémon, I kinda evolved and somehow fell in love with some Death and Black Metal in recent years. LAMB OF GOD started out under the name BURN THE PRIEST in 1994 these lads worked under that moniker for five years until they deemed the name “too immature” (whatever that means in the world of Heavy Metal). They recorded and released six full-length albums and became quite famous before something catastrophic happened in 2012, in short:

Randy went to jail in Prague after a tragic incident caused a fan to fall from the stage and hit his head so bad, he went into a coma and died a few weeks later. Randy spent two months in a Czech prison before being freed by a court’s acquittal. Blythe did not remain unaffected by this and started to write his memoirs a year later. ‘Omens’ is the third record after these events. If you never encountered the band’s music, it is safe to say that I need to explain it a bit: imagine the harsh stuff from PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD and TRIVIUM formed some kind of Heavy Metal Megazord that unites the sound of mentioned bands, add a versatile vocalist that can scream, shout and growl infuse him with a fuck-load of anger and tadaaa: LAMB OF GOD!

Songs like ‘Gomorrah’ with the chant-like: “Everything is doomed to fail” over and over again kick some serious ass, ‘Nevermore’ kick starts the album with a gut punch and so on. No matter where you turn or which song starts the album for you: this is about audible violence, anger and suffering. If you like your metal groovy, rough and right into your face you will like it.


01. Nevermore
02. Vanishing
03. To The Grave
04. Ditch
05. Omens
06. Gomorrah
07. Ill Designs
08. Grayscale
09. Denial Mechanism
10. September Song


John Campbell – Bass
Mark Morton – Guitars
Willie Adler – Guitars
D. Randal Blythe – Vocals
Art Cruz – Drums

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lambofgod omens


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

Dennis Eikenkötter

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