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mysticcircle erzdaemon
Artist: Mystic Circle
Title: Erzdämon
Genre: Melodic Blackened Death Metal
Release Date: 17th March 2023
Label: Fireflash Records

Album Review

MYSTIC CIRCLE is back, not that we had time to miss the guys since their last record in 2022 (to be fair we did miss them before that one because there was a whole lot of blackened death silence since 2006). But here we are, listening to the newest offering of the two main members Beelzebub and Blackwar. The new release is called ‘Erzdämon’ and every track stands for this majestic figure of darkness, this is their ninth studio output. MYSTIC CIRCLE has been around since 1992, starting out as Melodic Black Metal and adding the Death parts later on in their career. When I stumbled upon this brutal band for the first time, I was in Osnabrück in 1998 with my then girlfriend who happened to be a massive metalhead. At that moment in time, I almost exclusively listened to Hard Rock and Power Metal so when she asked me if I would join her to see MYSTIC CIRCLE with GRAVEWORM and SUIDAKRA at Hyde Park (not the one in London of course) I prepared for a night of violation.

However, this did not happen because the venue had fucked up the booking or something along these lines. So, what happened was that we somehow ended up in the parking lot and had loads of alcohol with the bands which could not play that evening. So yeah, I guess I have something of a history with the band. Something I am fond, buried deep in my head. When I saw there is a new release, I instantly annoyed the heck out of the guys (kind of, not really). In The end I got my hands on the new release and am currently listening to it. First things first: some bands call themselves melodic and they are not melodic at all, this is not the case with MYSTIC CIRCLE! Aside from the vocals that constantly balance on the border between Death Metal Growls and the more Black Metal'ish screams, there is a lot of musicality to be impressed by and every track is melodic as fuck. My faves at the moment are the title track ‘Erzdämon’ and ‘Scarecrow’ as they are both kinda catchy for this kind of music. If you dig mentioned subgenres your will have loads of fun with MYSTIC CIRCLE's ‘Erzdämon’.


01. Erzdämon
02. From Hell
03. The Unholy Trinity
04. Scarecrow
05. Asmodeus And The Temple Of God
06. Welcome To The Midnight Mass
07. The Mothman
08. Skinwalker
09. The Princess Of The Deadly Sins


Graf von Beelzebub – Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard
A. Blackwar – Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard


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mysticcircle erzdaemon


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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