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Artist: Love amongst Ruin
Title: Love amongst Ruin
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10th September 2010
Label: Ancient B (EMI)

Album Review

LOVE AMONGST RUIN, which is a project of PLACEBO’s ex-drummer Steve Hewitt, is ready to present the self-titled debut album, preceded by the single ‘So Sad (Fade)’. The album itself covers a wide range of music expressiveness and is packed with rather simple but atmospheric tracks that won’t disappoint even sophisticated listeners. The opening track already allows to judge about the material in general as here we find interesting music, flowing like one broad stream where the melody and vocals are merged as somewhat monolith. The ethereal atmosphere of light melancholy or loneliness conveyed also with the lyrics remains in the next song and actually goes through the whole album more or less apparent. But after such tranquil compositions, there comes a powerful and rigid thing entitled ‘Running’ with truly absorbing rhythm and plenty of repetitions, smoothed by the overall tunefulness.

The title of beautiful and mellow ‘Heaven and Hell’ speaks for itself and this song, having a catchy chorus and rather monotonous yet nice arrangement, immediately attracts. Maybe thanks to this simplicity and sincerity! It’s followed by two more tracks of the kind and the material doesn’t seem to be too complicated and too pretentious however the music arouses really strong emotions. But such leisured and meditative compositions are diluted with vigorous, energetic, rocking ones like ‘Blood and Earth’ for example. The only song that differs in some way from the others is the final piece that may be regarded as a quintessence of the album’s concept so it’s even entitled ‘Love Song’. Thus, ‘Love amongst Ruin’ is great for a debut and will be appreciated by people who simply like good and qualitative music.


01. So Sad (Fade) - 3:06
02. Alone - 3:03
03. Running - 4:30
04. Heaven and Hell - 4:15
05. Come on Say it - 6:51
06. Away from Me - 4:13
07. Blood and Earth - 3:25
08. Truth - 4:01
09. Home - 3:56
10. Love Song - 3:59


Steve Hewitt - Vocals
Donald Ross Skinner - Guitar
Steve Hove - Guitar
Laurie Ross - Cello, Keys, Percussion
Teresa Morini - Bass
Keith York - Drums

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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