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Artist: Omnia
Title: Wolf Love
Genre: Pagan Folk
Release Date: 10th September 2010
Label: Screaming Banshee

Album Review

Based in the Netherlands, OMNIA describes its style as neoceltic pagan folk so the band members play different kinds of instruments typical for folk and sing in English, Welsh, Breton, Latin, Hindi and some other languages. You will notice this stuff on the newest release, entitled ‘Wolf Love’ yet the material presented on the album can be called folk only at a stretch. The first track that serves as an intro doesn’t give any opportunity to guess what will follow, and after this tuneful and inspiring composition when a listener is getting drowse instead of waking up there ‘Dance until We Die’ comes absolutely unexpected and shook my ideas about pagan folk in general. Well, I guess what the term “neo” is for: All this recitative and rap-like sound is almost meant to irritate however further there appears some folk melody and in whole, the song seems to be a rather strange mixture of styles.

Of course, the album is full of diverse tracks that will suit different tastes and ‘Jabberwocky’ is the best proof of this. The pleasant, interesting, deep and atmospheric composition with a very organic arrangement and the sound swords clanging even intensifies the whole perception and adds some dramatic effect. In ‘Love in the Forest’ and ‘Sister Sunshine’, there are small but significant inclusions like twittering of birds, which also create a more vivid picture in a listener’s mind. The instrumental things, namely ‘Saltatio Vita’ and ‘Solfeggio’ make their contribution with their melodiousness. The obscure ‘Shamaniac’ on the other hand dilutes the general simplicity with its unintelligible sonic structure. And the band couldn’t do without thought-provoking compositions like ‘Wheel of Time’ or ‘Wolf Song’ and the latter seems to be the only connection with the title of the album.

The final track provides some ground for reflections and sums up the whole story if there was any story to be told, because the songs mostly produce an impression of independent and complete pieces of music. So OMNIA’s latest creation turns to be quite manifold and ambiguous, but maybe it’s worthy to listen to as anyone will find something interesting for themselves.


01. Wake up – 1:5
02. Dance until We Die – 4:54
03. Jabberwocky – 3:03
04. Saltatio Vita – 3:54
05. Teachers – 3:55
06. Love in the Forest – 4:12
07. Toys in the Attic – 4:18
08. Shamaniac – 3:18
09. Solfeggio – 1:20
10. Wheel of Time – 3:58
11. Sister Sunshine – 5:11
12. Taranis Jupiter – 4:03
13. Moon – 5:32
14. Wolf Song – 5:00
15. Cornwall – 5:33
16. Sing for Love – 3:33


Steve Sic – Vocals, Various Instruments
Jenny - Vocals, Neo Celtic Harp, Hurdy Gurdy, Piano, Bodhran, Sansula
Luka - Vocals, Slideridoos, Davul, Cornemuse
Joe – Guitar
Tom – Drums
Philip – Guitar

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Music: 6
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6.5 / 10

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