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Artist: Marie Fisker
Title: Ghost of love
Genre: Indie / Alternative / Rock
Release Date: 27th August 2010
Label: Maryvine Records / Playground

Album Review

10 years after the foundation of her own “backyard studio”, MARIE FISKER now is releasing her debut ‘Ghost of love’ in Germany. Already released in Denmark in 2009, Marie Fisker had the chance to collaborate with Anders Trentemøller at Roskilde Festival as the result of a long existing co-operation that is still continuing with Trentemøller’s single ‘Sycamore Feeling’ in 2010. Supporting Pete Doherty and Devendra Banhart or even Helgi Hrafn Jonsson during the last years, it becomes obvious that MARIE FISKER’s music needed time…

‘Ghost of love’ needed time, because it’s the way its creator wanted it! It’s not the typical produced album, recorded in short time - not at all! In fact, it seems that MARIE FISKER enjoyed the writing, the composing, the whole creation to the full… and she was well advised to do it that way. ‘Ghost of love’ is an album full of “diamonds and rust” as you can say so! The songs are of such pulchritude while bearing a whole life of experience. Thoughtful music and lyrics capture a mood, that is common to me from Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Lou Reed or Velvet Underground… no wonder at all, that this music acts are the ones MARIE FISKER is referring to!

The “rusty” voice of MARIE FISKER fairly reflects the melancholy being inherent in the songs… it’s the perfect release for lonesome evenings, long road trips, hangover laden Sunday mornings or simply if you want to listen to awesome music from an awesome artist… Honestly, I’m going to listen to this album for a very long time… and perhaps hopefully my grandchildren also will some day!


01. Ghost Of Love
02. Seven Days
03. Hold On To This For A While
04. Jack Of Hearts
05. Little Light Lit
06. My Love My Honey
07. Devil Tears
08. City Lies
09. On The Brim
10. Good Till Now


Marie Fisker: vocals, guitar

Live with
Rune Kjeldsen: guitar
Anders Christensen: bass
Jakob Hoyer: drums

Website /

Cover Picture


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10

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