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Title: Live At The Blue Shell
Artist: No More
Genre: Post Punk / Indie
Release Date: 15th October 2010
Label: Rent A Dog

Album Review

Once upon a time in a little club called Blue Shell there was a band called NO MORE performing, and they thought it could be a great idea to record that little performance and preserve it for generations to come. Too much Fairytale slang? Ok, then I’ll switch back to normal talking. NO MORE who’ve just released a new album this year with ‘Midnight People & Lo-Life Stars’, a great album by the way, serve a little treat with ‘Live At The Blue Shell’, containing six songs in total. The set begins with ‘Waiting For The Man’, bringing an uplifting vibe with its indie guitar chords and Theremin howls. ‘Something Grows Up’ opts for a more powerful route with more dynamics in the drum parts and sprinkles of melancholia. ‘Hands In The Dark’’ tells you quite aptly how the mood’s going to be. Here the sun is setting, twilight takes hold and apparitions can be spotted therein.

Now a classic that couldn’t be missed out of course: ‘Suicide Commando’, a cult hit and after all those years since its release it gets a crowd dancing and screaming in an instant. Have seen it myself! The next song ‘Sunday Mitternacht’ can truly be called one of THE hits on the last record. A trip through a culture that only starts to live when all light has faded from the sky! Much like vampires, just not that keen on blood. Last but not least there’s ‘Schwarzen Mann Gesehn’, the closing act, devoid of any vocals, so the instrumental capabilities of the protagonists are in the spotlights here. The choice of songs is pretty good as is the general idea of putting together a live record. It just lacks one crucial element. I can hear no sounds from the audience whatsoever. Nothing through the whole concert! That would’ve contributed to a cohesive live atmosphere much more. If the audience really was that silent, however, it’s a shame.


01. Waiting For The Man - 3:48
02. Something Grows Up - 3:24
03. Hands In The Dark - 3:25
04. Suicide Commando - 3:23
05. Sunday Mitternacht - 3:05
06. Schwarzen Mann Gesehn - 4:43


Andy Schwarz
Tina Sanudakura

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Music: 9
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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