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Title: 7 Years - A Compilation (1979 - 1986)
Artist: No More
Genre: Post-Punk / Indie
Release Date: 15th October 2010
Label: Rent A Dog

Album Review

Now look what I received here. Just after getting to listen to a little NO MORE live performance, immortalized on CD, I received the next package, a retrospective through seven years of band history from 1979 - 1986., starting with the band’s probably most famous and ever-burning hit ‘Suicide Commando’. Even though its age is audible it hasn’t lost anything of its appeal in all those past years. With ‘Dim The Lights’ it’s going to get a little less machine-like and a little more rock-oriented with a gloomy sonic carpet rolled out over the driving fundament. ‘I Still Bear The Scars’ keeps the pace, adds a more vibrant drumming and a less dark mood that takes you back into the 80s. I had just heard ‘Waiting For The Man’ within a live environment this far and it’s surprising that even though everything seems familiar there’s quite a different feeling to it. If you could assign a clear rock attitude to those previous efforts you can’t do it for the ‘Theme For Angels In Big Cities’ which has a rather industrial and ethereal build, only starting to burn slow. The following ‘Do You Dream Of Angels’ is shining with spherical guitar parts and quivering vocals!

‘Istanbul’ is steeped in oriental atmospheres and repetitive drums, creating an intriguing treasure with the spare instrumental means it uses. ‘Arabesque’ resembles a chase through the hot desert while desperately looking for some water. It literally generates heat with its racing, somewhat grinding percussions. The title-giving track can be described as a partly oppressing, melancholy mid-tempo ride with harsh guitar parts and wide synths. For good measure the band’s throwing in a couple live tracks where you can actually hear the audience as opposed to the live collection before. All is concluding with the bonus track ‘Salome’, a heavy piece of music to end an album that bears many little pearls of a band to call interesting is a “Mild“ understatement.


02. Dim The Lights - 2:26
03. I Still Bear The Scars - 4:12
04. Golden Games - 3:59
05. Waiting For The Man - 4:33
06. Theme For Angels In Big Cities - 2:49
07. Do You Dream Of Angels - 5:10
08. Istanbul - 3:45
09. Arabesque - 3:53
10. 7 Years - 3:39
11. Entree Tunesienne - 5:09
12. El Dorado - 4:12
13. In The Flesh - 3:41
14. Just a Shadow (Live) - 3:34
15. Hysteria (Live) - 4:31
16. Suicide Commando (Live) - 3:57
17. Salome (Bonus Track) - 2:36


Andy Schwarz
Tina Sanudakura

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Music: 8
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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