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Artist: Maison Vague
Title: Synthpop's Alive
Genre: Synth-Pop
Release Date: 11th January 2011
Label: Stiefel Musik

Album Review

Clark Stiefel (an American musician based in Germany) should be hailed as an online hero of Synth-Pop for creating the ‘Synthpop's Alive’ tune. The sound of the album sounds retro like from the early ‘80s but in fact has quite a modern flair along with it since retro is again in fashion at the moment. The first track ‘Synthpop's Alive’ as the most well known track was initially created in response to SynthPop is Dead (SynthPop unTribute) on YouTube. It is a very catchy tune that just makes the listener want to raise up the Synth-pop flag that says WE ARE ALIVE AND KICKING! This song makes the listener even reminisce about the 80s for those of us who remember the glory days of Synth-pop. He professes to be living in a dream since 1983! Yes! Make me part of that dream too! You can become part of that dream when you listen to this song. This will be the mantra of the past and future Synth-pop generations!

The next track, ‘Pixelated Lover’, is a cute love song that a nerd can sing to his love interest. A truly computational love song. The track ‘My Situation’ is a really funny commentary on being a poor puck and the problem with borrowing money from a bank. A song that can be related to in so many ways. ‘Tunnel Vision’ seems to be about a sorted love affair and is really enticing to listen to in so many ways. Like a romance novel that has gone dark. The track ‘Give Them Away’ seems to be about owning to much stuff. At this moment I can really relate to this song! It is so funny! When stuff gets to the point of overtaking your sanity and your life so ‘Give Them Away’ and feel better about it. The song ‘Buried In Sandstone’ is very catchy and seems to be about true love that will always be “buried in sandstone” forever. I love the lyrics “your DNA living inside of me” which sometimes seems to be the case with true love. A love that is never forgotten as if its chiselled in stone.

Following ‘We're Not Human’ is interesting because it’s like a sci-fi scenario played out in a song. Aliens, after all will probably not be human and we should not expect them to be. The track ‘Colored Glasses’ starts out like a classic symphony, a dream behind coloured glasses, of bright afternoons looking up at the sky through coloured glasses. The song seems to say, if troubles come about put on your coloured glasses and dream them all away. A beautiful tune really that tells the listener to always try to look on the bright side of life by wearing coloured glasses of course. The next track, ‘No Show’, is a funny song about a gig that probably did not go well. A planned event that turned out to be a no show. You can really hear Clark Stiefel's sense of humour in this tune! The last track, ‘Living On Ice Cream’, seems a bit dark but is really GARY NUMAN-ish in its penetrating sounds and lyrical theme. At the same time is really a lot of fun in a kind or dark and ironic way. A fitting end to an epic album.

This album is like a Christmas present. Its always full of surprises and its basically just a lot of fun, especially for those of us who worship synth music. It is a terrific album that is like a blast from the past yet an acknowledgment that yes indeed synth pop is not dead and it's future sound will never really ever die because Synth-pop's alive! Yes it is!

Videos on You Tube:
Synthpop's Alive:


01. Synthpop's Alive
02. Pixelated Lover
03. My Situation
04. Tunnel Vision
05. Give Them Away
06. Buried In Sandstone
07. We're Not Human
08. Colored Glasses
09. No Show
10. Living On Ice Cream


Clark Stiefel


Clark Stiefel Website:
Maison Vague - YouTube Channel:
Maison Vague Website:

Cover Picture



Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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