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nosound thenorthernreligionofthings
Artist: Nosound
Title: A Northern Religion Of Things
Genre: Progressive
Release Date: 25th July 2011
Label: Kscope Music

Album Review

NOSOUND is an Italian Progressive band which started as the personal vision and a bet (?) of Giancarlo Erra back in 2002. Their new CD, ‘A Northern Religion Of Things’, is actually a compilation of songs found in their last three albums re-mixed, re-edited and re-interpreted for a concert in London last year. In this, their latest and better CD yet, they maintain their affiliation with Brian Eno, Mike Oldfield and PINK FLOYD but the outcome of their sound is highly personal. The songs are in a way filled with hypnotic melodies, making the return to the older versions of the songs almost impossible.

It is as if they managed to come out in their perfect form. Add to this that their lyrics could be considered as poems themselves and of a good quality that is, and you have some glimpse of this album. Sometimes I was thinking that their songs are too smart for their own good as they lack the easiness of catchy aspects in the choruses yet they keep their subtlety hidden in the octaves and the frequency of their music notes. And despite of the fact that there are no edges in this CD, you end up listening something almost haunting instead of mellow songs. Having heard ‘A Northern Religion Of Things’ I’d love to know the next step of the band. They’ve set the bar too high with this one...


01. About Butterflies And Children – 3:01
02. Fading Silently – 5:47
03. Kites – 6:18
04. Tender Claim – 4:01
05. The Misplay – 4:39
06. The Broken Parts – 6:14
07. Lightdark – 8:10
08. Hope For The Future – 4:45
09. Sol29 – 7:38


Giancarlo Erra - Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Paolo Martellacci - Keyboards, vocals
Alessandro Luci - Bass, upright bass, keyboards
Paolo Vigliarolo - Electric and acoustic guitars
Gigi Zito - Drums, percussions, vocals


Cover Picture

nosound thenorthernreligionofthings


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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