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newdiscolour shortofink
Artist: New Discolour
Title: Short Of Ink
Genre: Hardcore
Release Date: 1st August 2011
Label: Mighty Music

Album Review

‘Short Of Ink’, NEW DISCOLOUR’s first full length debut album, is a grim and heavy album, ranging from a mix of melodic hardcore to just straight, pummelling modern groove metal. It’s very rare that a band like NEW DISCOLOUR have a long-time connection with each other as the band members have known each other for a long time and played together in numerous on and off bands before finally deciding they wanted to get involved with this band. The result as a tight collection of powerful songs and lots of groove mixed with aggression that demands attention from anyone who gets a chance to listen. Opening with the gritty, but effective churning ‘Short Of Ink’, the music kind of starts out only a quarter of the way before leading into the next track, ‘If I, If They, They Are, I,’ which is just a direct ear assault with no remorse. Tracks like ‘Hexagon’ and ‘Chinese Vancouver’ feature buzzing guitar chugs and a mix of bellows and growls that sacrifice melody for a more straightforward metal sound. Fans may find it a bit repetitive, but these tracks are also very likely to be great mosh pit starters at live shows.

Other tracks like ‘Imperial Love’ aim for more of a softer melodic approach with progressive bits inserted as the guitars and drums opt for a more diverse approach rather than just cohesive chugging and blast beats all the way. Even when the music starts to get heavier, the band still aims to changing up the groove and layering notes in a sort of ‘stop and go’ process so it may not flow as smoothly as the other tracks, but fans will definitely gravitate towards the energy put forth by the music without feeling like the band is “wimping out at all”. One could very well consider NEW DISCOLOUR’s sound akin to bands like EARTH CRISIS with music like this. ‘Yes, Yes, No’ aims for a bit more technical approach, especially near the end of the track with the guitar solo rather than just layered melody between the two guitars. It is still very chuggy but mainstream hardcore fans of groups like A PERFECT MURDER will enjoy work like this as well.

What also may grasp listeners are the personal stories behind NEW DISCOLOUR’s lyrics. The press release from Mighty Music says that each track is “a personal account for the horrors of corruption in politics and bureaucracy,” so despite all that shouting in there, one can probably find something they can easily relate to (especially in the current dark times with the world economy). Overall this album may not get “hardcore music of the year”, and is a bit brief, but it is a very strong album that tends to spread itself out more than stay down a narrow line of music while maintaining inspirational lyrics much in the way that HATEBREED designs their music. Aggressive and mid paced, ‘Short Of Ink’ is easy to stand despite its ferocious nature and refuses to back down from any nay-sayers.


01. Short Of Ink - 1:42
02. If I, If They, They Are, I - 3:45
03. Black Face - 3:30
04. A Thank You Note To Cole M - 3:55
05. Hexagon - 4:03
06. Chinese Vancouver - 3:36
07. Imperial Love - 3:37
08. Regain Astray - 3:47
09. Yes, Yes, No - 4:16


Artem Kushnirenko - Vocals
Jesper Rasmussen - Guitar
Søren Thomsen - Guitar
Mayu Tharumann -Bass
Lasse Mikkelsen - Drums


Cover Picture

newdiscolour shortofink


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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