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introMatrix, Bochum, Germany
8th February 2013
Lord of the Lost & Unzucht

If two hot bands are going to a co-headliner tour, fans are excited. And also the Bochum fans were. People were queuing up long before the doors opened to occupy the front rows. The venue was packed, even though not sold-out, and people were in party mood, up for a hot evening to celebrate LORD OF THE LOST and UNZUCHT.


German band UNZUCHT first struck attention as the winners of the M’era Luna Newcomer Contest 2010 and had the honour to open the festival in Hildesheim. Ever since they’ve received a lot of media attention and released their first official EP ‘Deine Zeit läuft ab’ in April 2012. The full-time album ‘Todsünde 8’ followed last September. Besides those releases, the band was touring already with bands such as MONO INC., LORD OF THE LOST, COPPELIUS or STAHLMANN. Now, they are back on German stages again with LORD OF THE LOST. UNZUCHT is Daniel Schulz “Der Schulz” (vocals), Daniel Meseke “De Clercq” (guitar, electronics, vocals), Alex Blaschke (bass, electronics) and Toby Fuhrmann (drums). / / 


Music & Performance
UNZUCHT were opening the evening and even though this was a co-headliner tour, the band had the shorter set. But I must say, fans did not celebrate them less than LORD OF THE LOST. Just in time at eight, the four musicians entered the stage to start their set with the title track of their current album, ‘Todsünde 8’. Since their opening slot at M’era Luna 2010, I have seen the band several times and in fact, they have improved their live performance and presented itself now in a professional and experienced way. The audience was with the band from the very start, screaming, clapping, banging their heads and raising their hands. The screaming even got louder when Singer Daniel jumped into the photo pit to climb the fence. ‘Deine Zeit läuft ab’ was ending the set, but screams demanded an encore.


‘Kleine Geile Nonne’ was the first additional song with De Clercq on vocals and additional performing support of LORD OF THE LOST bassist Class Grenayde, dressed as half-naked nun. With ‘Engel der Vernichtung’, a Mexican wave and lots of applause, the band finally left the stage.

01. Todsünde 8
02. Das belgische Inferno
03. Meine Liebe
04. Unzucht
05. Fleisch
06. Während wir uns verlieren
07. Auf Sturm
08. Laio
09. Der letzte Tanz
10. Schwarzes Blut
11. Deine Zeit läuft ab
12. Kleine geile Nonne
13. Engel der Vernichtung

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7 / 10


Lord of the Lost

Before starting his own band with LORD OF THE LOST in 2008, initiator Chris Harms has been involved in various musical activities already. He started as vocalist for PHILLIAE, played live guitar for BIG BOY and worked with THE PLEASURES as well. Nearly instantly after its inception, LORD OF THE LOST locked themselves up in the studio, spending most of 2008 working on their debut album. The album’s called ‘Fears’ and has been released in February 2010, followed by the sophomore ‘Antagony’ in April 2011 via Out of Line. 2012 kicked in with the EP ‘Beside & Beyond’, followed ny the band’s latest studio album, ‘Die Tomorrow’, at the end of August 2012. LORD OF THE LOST is Chris Harms (vocals, guitar, cello), Bo Six (guitar), Class Grenayde (bass), Gared Dirge (piano, synthesizer, percussion, guitar) and Disco (drums). / /


Music & Performance
The rebuilding break was really short and already 10 minutes after UNZUCHT had finished their set, LORD OF THE LOST entered the stage to start off with ‘Shut Up When You're Talking To Me’. The mood in the hall was great from the beginning, and Chris was thanking the audience for the great support several times, visibly impressed by the audience’s reactions. Over the whole concert, even during the calmer parts, the band managed to keep the crowd on their toes and to raise the heat down there even more. Especially the little older songs were loved by the audience, the danced and screamed along to ‘Sex on Legs’ or ‘Black Lolita’, latter one being the straight-in-yer-face type of song with a kick-ass beat and lots of scissoring metal guitars. Even though the mood was fantastic, there was a little downer… there was too little light and too much smoke so it was hard to see what’s happening on stage, especially when it comes to Gared and Disco performing in the back.


Instead, eyes were on charismatic front man Chris. With ‘Die Tomorrow’, the title track of the current album, the band left the stage. The first encore, ‘Bad Romance’ (Lady Gaga Cover) was performed together with UNZUCHT. With ‘Credo’, the concert finally ended, but after the show, both bands showed up at the merch for be close to their fans. All in all, I must say that UNZUCHT convinced more than LORD OF THE LOST this evening. They seemed more inspired and more awake than the band around Chris Harms.

01. Shut Up When You're Talking To Me
02. Heart For Sale
03. Sex on Legs
04. Nothing Words Can Say
05. Undead Or Alive
06. Last Words 007.
08. Prologue
09. The Most Radical Thing To Do
10. Do You Wanna Die Without A Sckar
11. Black Lolita
12. See You Soon
13. Words of Sadness
14. Marching Into Sunset
15. Prison
16. Epiphany
17. Break Your Heart
18. Dry the Rain
19. Blood For Blood
20. Die Tomorrow
21. Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover)
22. Credo

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 6.8 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /


0 #2 dani 2013-02-20 08:30
Sadly, the sound at the Matrix is always kind of problematic... just because of the way the venue is built....
0 #1 GamerGrrl 2013-02-19 16:11
Since I ran across the Sex on Legs video sometime in 2011, I've been wanting to see Lord of the Lost. Since the dutch show got cancelled last fall, I picked up tickets for Bochum since it's not much farther. I've been to the Matrix 1x before in 2007 for the Cruxshadows, and didn't like the sound. I was really hoping that was an error of the sound person at the time. So, while both bands put on a heck of a show, I was really disappointed to find out that the bad sound is the venue and not the sound person from 2007. ;-\ Guess I'll have to wait till they play somewhere close again.
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