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introLive Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
19th January 2016
Life of Agony & Second Function

Even though LIVE OF AGONY currently cannot brace oneself up for writing new songs, nothing can prevent them from rocking the stage and perform together. After a very successful sold-out show in Hamburg in June 2015 the band is now back on headlining tour. As I really loved LIFE OF AGONY’s first two albums I was more than eager to finally see the band live. Well, about time regarding that the release of the first album was 23 years ago.

Second Function

Founded in 2005, the trio from Switzerland released its debut album in 2008. Extended touring followed which resulted in more than 250 concerts in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK and even Japan. Also SECOND FUNCTION was supporting act for bands like BIFFY CLYRO, LIFE OF AGONY, ASH, TWIN ATLANTIC and CARPARK NORTH. With the release of the EP ‘Feed yourself’ in August 2015 the Alternative Rock band has launched two albums and one EP. / 


Music & Performance
Accompanied by the tunes of Sergei Prokofjew’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’, the band entered the stage and soon started to rock. The first songs really rocked and made me think that this band was a good opening act but after the third song I had to revise my first impression as the songs sounded too much alike and got a bit boring. Technically SECOND FUNCTION is surely quite good but personally I couldn’t find a song really outstanding. Anyway the audience applauded after each song and when the band finished the show, the guys were rewarded with a big applause.

01. The other side
02. Falling down
03. Flesh & blood
04. Slaves to the sea
05. Secrets
06. Navigation road
07. Shame on the Gods

Music: 6
Performance: 6
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10


Life of Agony

The US American Alternative Rock/ Metal band was founded in 1989 by Mina Caputo (under the former name Keith Caputo, until 2011), Joey Z and Alan Robert. The former drummer of TYPE O NEGATIVE Sal Abruscato joined them later. The critically acclaimed concept debut album ‘River runs red’ was launched in 1993. Two years later the second album ‘Ugly’ was released. After touring Sal left the band and PRO PAIN member Dan Richardson replaced him. The third album was released in 1997 but before the band started touring Mina left the band to pursue her own solo project and thus the band lost the unmistakably voice. Former frontman of UGLY KID JOE Whitfield Crane took her place but two years later the band split up. The original line-up reunited in 2003 with touring and producing another album. Once again in 2012 Sal announced the separation but just in 2014 the band announced another reunification. Four albums and five live albums/ compilations were released up to now. / 


Music & Performance
Surely everyone in the audience awaited the band as impatiently as me. And of course when the guys finally entered the stage they were greeted with a big applause. Already with the first tunes the people, who were apparently of mixed ages with some of my (old) age, started to move and dance. After the first song Mina greeted the audience and asked the people to take care of the people around them and to pick up those who fell to make sure that we all have a nice and peaceful evening. Alone for this little nice speech the band got another big applause. Then the band continued to rock the place. Later Mina addressed to us again, calling us beautiful people, thanked us for coming on a Tuesday evening and stating that they are fucking up our whole work week, hoping that we are having a day off after this night. But as it seemed no one really cared about the next day. We all wanted to party with the band. Mina showed up with good live vocal qualities and though the songs are more than 20 years old, they still rock. While listening to the songs I pondered how fantastic the music is and how awesome it would be if the band starts to write new material.


Time flies when a concert is really entertaining and after 15 songs the show ended. To all our disappointment there was no encore though the audience were shouting loudly for it. The next disenchantment was had when I visited the merchandise stand as there were only a limited number of two sorts of t-shirts, only available in big men sizes. Even the supporting act had more merchandise articles at hand.

01. Bad seed
02. River runs red
03. How it would be
04. This time
05. Love to let you down
06. Otherside
07. Method of groove
08. Respect
09. Weeds
10. Seasons
11. I regret
12. Lost at 22
13. Through & through
14. My eyes
15. Underground

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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