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introOlympic Hall, Munich, Germany
17th May 2016
Mumford & Sons, Bill Ryder-Jones

This Tuesday it seemed in such a way as if the whole world had conspired against me and, nevertheless, I wanted only to go to a very interesting concert to Munich. Finally, I got no chance to go there by train due to closed tracks and then after switching to car there were endless traffic jams on the highway. And so, I unfortunately saw only the last both songs of the support act. At least I made it in time for the evening’s headliner.

MUMFORD & SONS is a British Folk-Rock band around Marcus Mumford that was founded in 2007. Based on their success they were already allowed to appear after the first year of existance on the Glastonbury festival. Beside some prices, like the Grammy Award in 2013, the BRIT Award in 2013 and the Echo in 2013, they could equal a record of the Beatles in 2012: they were represented in the Billboard Hot 100 with six songs at the same time in October 2012. / 


Music & Performance
Shortly after 8:45 PM, singer and guitarist Marcus Mumford, “Country” Winston Marshall (banjo), Ben Lovett (keyboard), Ted Dwane (contrabass) and their live band appeared on stage. The Olympic hall was sold –out and ten thousand fans were already warmed up very well thanks to the preceding appearance by Bill Ryder-Jones (which I sadly missed). MUMFORD & SONS aroused enthusiasm from the beginning within the audience with their trip through their three albums released so far. Already with 'Snake Eyes' from their newest album 'Wilder Mind', which was published last year, the fans in the infield and also on the ranks were raving. Marcus Mumford stressed over and over again with what a pleasure they played in Munich. The mood in the audience was marked by joining in the singing and clapping.


A nice joke was the “Ted has birthday” throw-in which they perform during every German concert although bassist Ted Dwane has his birthday in August. However, it works every time and every time he gets a nice little song from the audience! To 'Ditmas', Marcus started quite another action and sprinted straight through the complete Olympic hall even to the upper ranks and back to stage. Then he could recover on the drum set with 'Dust Bowl Dance' from their album published in 2009, 'Sigh No More'. Afterwards, the four band members changed to another stage which was built up in the rear area of the hall. There, they presented their skill with the help of the two acoustic versions which were rewarded by the listeners with enthusiastic applause.


Again on the main stage, the show seamlessly continued with 'Hot Gates'. Then after the next song it became really full on stage: The boys of Bill Ryder-Jones appeared to cover THE KINKS song 'You Really Got Me' together with MUMFORD & SONS. For the audience, there was once more no holding back on this perfect evening and anyone danced, sung and banged. After the band presented the powerful song 'I Will Wait' from their second album 'Babel', 'The Wolf' followed as goodbye. No additions were presented, but with the huge programme lasing 1 ¾ hours it was not necessary anymore. Kudos: MUMFORD & SONS have managed that more 10,000 people were constantly in motion at the Olympic hall from the beginning to the end! They offered a varied program of ballads, rock songs and an amazing light show! Gladly again - I have rarely seen Munich audience so romp.


01. Snake Eyes
02. Little Lion Man
03. Believe
04. Tompkins Square Parks
05. White Blank Page
06. Lover Of The Light
07. Broken Crown
08. Ghosts That We Knew (preceded by audience singing 'Happy Birthday' to Ted)
09. Sigh No More
10. The Cave
11. Ditmas
12. Dust Bowl Dance (Extended Intro)
13. Sister (B Stage - Acoustic)
14. Cold Arms (B Stage - Acoustic)
15. Hot Gates
16. Forever
17. You Really Got Me (The Kinks-cover, with Bill Ryder-Jones)
18. I Will Wait
19. The Wolf

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 8.8 / 10


All pictures by Erika Knepper (

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