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Mike ShinodaLuxexpo The Box, Luxembourg Kirchberg, Luxembourg
23rd March 2019
Mike Shinoda - “Post Traumatic” Tour - Support: Edsun

The death of Chester Bennington in 2017 was a big shock not only for millions of fans worldwide, but of course especially for the frontman at his side, MIKE SHINODA. What will happen after such a loss? SHINODA himself has channelled his grief and pain into what he does best: Music. For the first time under his own name, he has released the album ‘Post Traumatic’ and handled with the loss of his best friend there. On Saturday, the rapper visited the Luxexpo and also Luxembourg for the first time. The hall was good filled and contained - who would have thought it? - mostly loyal LINKIN PARK fans. Supporting the Luxembourg gig was the unique local artist EDSUN. A concert that only could be recommended to everyone.


EDSUN, a young musician from Luxembourg, creates alternative R’n’B, smoothly laden with dark rhythmic beats. His musical style is unique to the Luxembourgish music scene and has been growing since the release of his debut EP ‘N.O.’ Incorporating contemporary dance in his performances seems to make EDSUN intriguing and limitless. Only last year the young artist won the “Luxembourg Music Award” as “Artist of the Year 2018”.

DSC 8480

Music & Performance
EDSUN’s alternative R’n’B opened up the night. With his powerful voice, his very emotional lyrics in English and his self-choreographed stage show he overwhelmed the crowd who certainly didn’t think the opener was that good. On dragging beats the singer draws miraculously fragile soul portraits. The drums get lost in the echo, while striking synth sounds carry the catchy melodies that make EDSUN’s amazing vocals stick to your memory. His darker R’n’B and his avant-garde dance set high standards. After the first track, EDSUN delivers a meditation subject to the audience: “Never feel sorry for what you are!” Performance, sound and look seemed urban and fresh. That definitely had a clear line and concept. The latest album ‘You are just not one thing’ fights against social pigeon-holes. The last song of the set and also lead single of this latest compilation ‘Lisa’ is a metaphor for meditation. The song questions social and cultural issues and wants to inspire the listener to redefine and discover the world.

DSC 8375

Besides his dance talent, which cleverly underlines his musical performances, his talent to write texts is not to be underestimated under any circumstances. That makes him a multifaceted and unique artist who can be recommend without hesitation.

01. Tangled
02. Apologee
03. X detainee
04. Made out of Water
05. Blue detainee
06. Lisa

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

  • DSC_8353
  • DSC_8358
  • DSC_8360
  • DSC_8363
  • DSC_8369
  • DSC_8372
  • DSC_8375
  • DSC_8387
  • DSC_8392
  • DSC_8411
  • DSC_8418
  • DSC_8424
  • DSC_8430
  • DSC_8432
  • DSC_8449
  • DSC_8456
  • DSC_8458
  • DSC_8469
  • DSC_8473
  • DSC_8476

Mike Shinoda

Michael Kenji Shinoda is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, multi-instrumentalist and graphic designer. He co-founded LINKIN PARK in 1996 and is the band’s rhythm guitarist, primary songwriter, keyboardist, producer, and co-lead vocalist. In 2004, SHINODA formed a side project called FORT MINOR, which he used as an avenue to further showcase his hip-hop background. On June 15, 2018, SHINODA released the ‘Post Traumatic’ record, which contains songs about his own feelings at the aftermath of Chester Bennington’s death on July 20, 2017.

DSC 8529

Music & Performance
The main reason for the evening took some time before he entered the stage at 9.15 pm, but then immediately stormed to the stage and opened his set with ‘Petrified’. For musical support Mike had his drums, electric guitar, keyboard and self-evident samplers with him. Together with two virtuoso musicians, “The Glue” created a roller coaster ride of emotions for the spectators. For his second song ‘Make It Up as I Go’, the LPU members planned a flash mob for Mike’s show in Luxembourg. The people were asked to bring a small piece of coloured paper and to put it behind the cover of their phones so the paper covered the flash lights. These were turned on and hold up while Mike played this song. The idea behind was to bring the colours from the songs’ video to life and have the whole hall full of it in all different colours. Mike was very touched and thankful for this beautiful action.

DSC 8557

The first of many LINKIN PARK songs in the evening was ‘When They Come For Me’. The complete setlist consisted of this healthy mix. Besides FORT MINOR and LINKIN PARK songs there was of course a lot from his album ‘Post Traumatic’ to hear. After the LINKIN PARK song, he mentioned a rather unpleasant subject. It is about his family origins and a community that is not often talked about: Japanese Americans. In the 1940s, these natives of the Land of the Rising Sun settled in the United States had a hard time in their new homeland. At the time, the term “Jap” was as insulting as that of “Nigger” which, ironically in history, was transformed into a symbol of pride in the rap gangster circles. After his speech he started with the song ‘Kenji’.

DSC 8577

MIKE SHINODA was sympathetic and with a permanent smile on his face this evening, yet with a certain portion of sensibility in the right moments, for example when playing ‘Numb’ and ‘In The End’, two of the greatest LINKIN PARK songs, which he accompanied only on the piano and let the audience sing along completely. A good decision, a very connecting and moving moment and probably the smartest way to create a tribute for the beloved Chester. That night, Chester was definitely missing a lot. There were still some songs that can’t be heard without an uncomfortable feeling. Nevertheless he was there that evening somehow. United in several thousands of bodies that screamed their souls out of their bodies. Of course you can and should grieve, but you should never lose confidence and enjoy life. With ‘Ghosts’, ‘Crossing a Line’ and ‘Over Again’, Mike supported this musically. Especially ‘Hold It Together’ made the crowd really happy.

DSC 8664

The show, which lasted more than 90 minutes in total, flew away really fast. SHINODA managed to give every visitor what he wants. The choice of the whole setlist was well-balanced by then, the Rap parts were of course represented more often, but the Rock fans got their satisfaction at the latest with ‘Papercut’ at the end of the regular set. The encores were of course in no way inferior to the regular set and at the final ‘Running From My Shadow’ Mike came very close to the fans, leaned over them from the barrier and sang on together with the fans. The concert in Luxembourg was definitely an emotional roller coaster. In addition to his own songs, MIKE SHINODA of course played numerous LINKIN PARK hits - often in the piano version and always with strong support from the audience.

DSC 8825

Emotional moments at the Luxexpo - you noticed that many fans haven't worked through the tragic death of Chester yet, but one thing you also saw, heard and felt: The LINKIN PARK family holds together - Chester would certainly be proud. Thank you A-Promotions, Luxexpo, EDSUN and thank you Mike! This was truly a beautiful, unforgettable and emotional evening!

00. Introduction (Fort Minor song)
01. Petrified (Fort Minor song)
02. Make It Up as I Go
03. When They Come for Me (Linkin Park song)
04. Kenji (Fort Minor song)
05. Roads Untraveled (Linkin Park song)
06. Prove You Wrong
07. Nobody Can Save Me (Linkin Park song)
08. Ghosts
09. Lift Off (w/ Step Up, High Voltage, Hands Held High V2)
10. Castle of Glass (Linkin Park song)
11. Crossing a Line
12. Waiting for the End / Where’d You Go
13. Numb (Linkin Park song)
14. In the End (Linkin Park song)
15. About You
16. Over Again / Papercut (Linkin Park song)

17. Robot Boy (Linkin Park song)
18. Hold It Together
19. It’s Goin’ Down (X-Ecutioners cover)
20. Remember the Name (Fort Minor song)
21. Good Goodbye / Bleed it Out (Linkin Park song)
22. Running From My Shadow

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 9.3 / 10

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  • DSC_8524
  • DSC_8529
  • DSC_8534
  • DSC_8554
  • DSC_8557
  • DSC_8561
  • DSC_8572
  • DSC_8576
  • DSC_8577
  • DSC_8590
  • DSC_8592
  • DSC_8635
  • DSC_8655
  • DSC_8664
  • DSC_8665
  • DSC_8666
  • DSC_8671
  • DSC_8675
  • DSC_8677
  • DSC_8692
  • DSC_8702
  • DSC_8703
  • DSC_8712
  • DSC_8713
  • DSC_8717
  • DSC_8719
  • DSC_8720
  • DSC_8721
  • DSC_8726
  • DSC_8728
  • DSC_8730
  • DSC_8734
  • DSC_8735
  • DSC_8737
  • DSC_8741
  • DSC_8747
  • DSC_8763
  • DSC_8773
  • DSC_8779
  • DSC_8782
  • DSC_8789
  • DSC_8793
  • DSC_8794
  • DSC_8795
  • DSC_8797
  • DSC_8805
  • DSC_8806
  • DSC_8819
  • DSC_8822

All pictures by Elena Arens
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