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limp bizkitRockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
8th July 2019
Limp Bizkit, Atomic Rocket Seeders

They belong to the most innovative bands of their genre and are one of the most successful with over 40 million sold records. Since their foundation in 1994 in Jacksonville/ Florida, LIMP BIZKIT have influenced an immense number of young musicians over the last two decades. After the successful tour in summer 2018 LIMP BIZKIT are now back in Luxembourg, “fuckin’ up your town!”

Atomic Rocket Seeders

ATOMIC ROCKET SEEDERS is a three-piece band from Luxembourg consisting of Thierry “TAP” Porcedda, Thierry Hames and Pascal Benci. The project idea started six years ago and has the purpose to incorporate all kinds of Metal/ Rock styles with other musical influences. Surprising the crowd with their fresh blend of musical styles, ATOMIC ROCKET SEEDERS have won last year’s Metal Battle at the Kulturfabrik, granting them a slot at the notorious Wacken Open Air Metal Festival last summer.

atomicrocketseedersDSC 5419

Music & Performance
It’s not easy as a supporting act for LIMP BIZKIT. “Are we going to please the audience?” or “Are we sure we haven’t forgotten anything?” These and probably more questions came into the mind of the young Luxembourgers of ATOMIC ROCKET SEEDERS. But at the latest after the first song, all doubts must have disappeared. Starting with ‘Eternal Ashes’ they made a very clear statement of their current position in the Luxembourgish Metal scene. After all, the band had already played at Wacken. And rightly so.

atomicrocketseedersDSC 5414

The main focus of their music is Metal, but also modern Rock, Hard Rock of the 1970s or Stoner Rock influences could be heard. And then some other sounds like bluesy or jazzy elements. Vocalist and guitarist Thierry had his voice perfectly under control. From clean vocals to deep growls, everything was present. Drummer Pascal occasionally switched to hyper speed mode between his hard rock grooves and shook a few Death Metal blasts from his wrist in between - all without harming the flow of the music. The ATOMIC ROCKET SEEDERS rocked hard and left the stage with a thunderous applause. They surely won the one or the other fan that night.

atomicrocketseedersDSC 5462

01. Intro
02. Eternal Ashes
03. Revolution 20**
04. Self-Destruct
05. The Marvelous Journey of Captain Johnny Green
06. Black Strawberries
07. New Age Role Models

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 5
Total: 7 / 10

atomicrocketseedersDSC 5466

Limp Bizkit

LIMP BIZKIT is an American Rap Rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. Their line-up consists of Fred Durst (lead vocals), Sam Rivers (bass, backing vocals), John Otto (drums, percussion), DJ Lethal (turntables), and Wes Borland (guitars, backing vocals). Their music is marked by Durst’s angry vocal delivery and Borland’s sonic experimentation. Borland’s elaborate visual appearance, which includes face and body paint, masks and uniforms, also plays a large role in the band’s live shows. The band has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, have sold 40 million records worldwide and won several other awards.

limpbizkit DSC 5516

Music & Performance
The release of the last studio album ‘Gold Cobra’ was eight years ago. The expectations were accordingly high. Would the Rockhal at least get to hear a new song tonight? Or even more? Slowly it’s about time... Fred Durst and Co. stroll on stage on time at 9pm. Easy and relaxed and to the sounds of ‘Wasteoid’ they stood on stage while Durst did his most favourite thing: talking to the people. In this intro he tried to motivate the crowd to give their all that night. With ‘Why Try’ they started the set and immediately made clear that this was a LIMP BIZKIT concert.

limpbizkit DSC 5508

There was no better way to continue the set than with that fiery Wes Borland riff of ‘Hot Dog’, assisted by that wonderfully grooving bass and drums of Sam Rivers and John Otto. The song with more than forty-six fucks in the lyrics, spit out by Freddie D himself, immediately creates chaos, with the first moshpits starting and fans singing along every word. As usual, Fred Durst was in a chatty mood and Wes Borland also swept across the stage like a wild fury.

limpbizkit DSC 5538

The usual hits like ‘My Generation’ or ‘Rollin’’ offered a good perspective for why the band exploded in the late nineties. Where KORN was characterized by depressing grooves, DEFTONES by dark atmospheric songs and SLIPKNOT by unbridled aggression, LIMP BIZKIT managed to write down straight hits. Stampers of tracks that rock fans managed to charm, but were accessible and catchy enough for the radio. For ‘Gold Cobra’ Fred Durst invited himself into the crowd, probably to wake them up a little, followed throughout the room by security guards and fans with wide open eyes.

limpbizkit DSC 5493

Between most of the songs of the set there were DJ interludes and short played songs, which were all recognized and celebrated by the audience. Gradually Fred Durst even invited two fans on stage to perform ‘Livin it Up’ together with the band. For the Luxembourger and the French guy it was truly a dream that came true to be on stage together with one of their favourite bands. And that’s not all! The highlight of the evening was definitely the guitar playing of Wes in the middle of the audience. He didn’t want to miss inviting himself into the crowd either.

limpbizkit DSC 5517

The crowd was totally out of control when Wes played the first notes of ‘Break Stuff’. What a party! When the all-consuming ‘Take A Look Around’ ended the set, the crowd was jumping and moshing like they were celebrating like back in the 1990s where lots of them were almost 20 years younger. Even though no big hit was missing, the concert felt more like a best-of gig of the first band years, especially the complete and still current album ‘Gold Cobra’ was nearly ignored.

limpbizkit DSC 5527

01. Wasteoid (instrumental)
02. Why Try
03. Hot Dog
04. My Generation
05. Gold Cobra
06. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
07. I’m Broke
08. Re-Arranged
09. Eat You Alive
10. Nookie
11. Island Treat
12. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
13. Boiler
14. Livin’ it Up
15. Break Stuff
16. Take a Look Around

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.5/10

limpbizkit DSC 5505limpbizkit DSC 5532

All pictures by Elena Arens
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