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MajorVoiceLogo, Hamburg, Germany
22nd November 2019
MajorVoice - “Lonely Ark” Tour 2019 - Special guest: Scarlet Dorn

MAJORVOICE on tour with his second album ‘This Lonely Ark’ - on this Friday night with a stop in Hamburg at the legendary Logo. The venue was not sold-out, but well packed and warm, while outside everything was screaming “it’s almost December”. MAJORVOICE is - together with the special guests SCARLET DORN - right now on a mission conquering the German Dark music scene with Opera & Dark Rock.

Scarlet Dorn

SCARLET DORN’s debut album is over a year old now. ‘Lack Of Light’ saw the light on 31st August 2018. Meanwhile the band has been already in the studio and the second album might be awaited for 2020. So far, SCARLET DORN have successfully supported bands like LORD OF THE LOST, JOACHIM WITT, LETZTE INSTANZ and WITHIN TEMPTATION and are currently supporting MAJORVOICE on ‘The Lonely Ark Tour’. /


Music & Performance
SCARLET DORN had an easy game conquering the hearts of the audience at Logo. The charismatic female front singer Scarlet and her band colleagues were in best form and the show went just well, I’d say. They started with ‘Hold On To me’ that took over the audience in a second. The stage of the venue is a quite small one and the extra challenge is the bar right in the middle of it. An unusual stage set-up, but here we are (and of course nothing new to me, as I’ve been here several times before). At least the bar offered the possibility for some jokes on stage.


Scarlet’s outstanding voice was very strong in songs like ‘I’m Armageddon’ or the catchy ‘I Don’t Know, I Don’t Care’. Also the backing vocals of Bengt and Benji were as always extremely “wow” and of course the riffs, too. Due to the bar Gared and Henrik were a bit out of my sight, but they all together seemed to have fun on stage and made the impression of a well-functioning band. Most surprisingly was the good lightning - I really didn’t expect that and also the sound was good mixed - something that I usually don’t expect in such a good quality in a small, underground venue like Logo during the support act. Of course the possibilities are limited here, but with given conditions a good performance also on the technical side. A performance that was really enjoyable to be part of, engaging and with that something special in the music.


01. Hold On To Me
02. Heavy Beauty
03. I’m Armageddon
04. Dream On
05. Hell Hath No Fury
06. Snow Black
07. I Don’t Know, I Don’t Care
08. Rain
09. Cinderella

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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MAJORVOICE - the guys with the Opera Bass voice singing to Dark Rock melodies. The album ‘This Lonely Ark’ was released on 20th September 2019 and the current tour brings the massive voice to seven cities - Leipzig, München, Hamburg and Berlin just happened - Hanover, Oberhausen and Frankfurt am Main are yet to follow. /

Music & Performance
The venue got a tiny bit more packed than it already was and with ‘Butterflies in Dawn’ the performance started. You probably don’t have to be a fan of Opera, but it might help. The concept is not new, but still a bit different from what we usually get at scene events.


The setlist was dominated by songs from the current album, with a few cover versions from the debut in between, one of them ‘Wicked Game’ originally from Chris Isaac. For me and many other kids of the 80ies & 90ies well-known as gloomy and sensual cover version made by HIM in the 90ies. And former kids like me who used to be big HIM fans back in the 2000s of course know that 22nd of November is the birthday of Ville Valo, the front man of HIM. The version by MAJORVOICE is different and that is good. Who needs another version that is the same, right? So for those into Opera & Dark Rock there are some interesting music gems to be discovered.


Talking birthdays - Ronald Zeidler aka the voice of MAJORVOICE took a moment to mention that exactly on that day, 22nd November, he was celebrating his “second” birthday, as exactly one year ago he survived pulmonary embolism. So that day was special, indeed. Also in between, Ronald was telling some stories, for example he mentioned that a school friend was there as well and how he remembers the time when ‘Der Goldene Reiter’ just came out and how amazing it is that today JOACHIM WITT himself was in the audience. Very special, indeed. In general there was a good amount of talk in between, the other musicians were introduced to the audience, and sometimes Ronald mentioned who wrote one or another song (many were written by his co-musicians, and some also by Martin Engler from MONO INC. etc.).


Somewhere in between the fog machine freaked totally out and the whole venue was suddenly all covered in thick fog… Neither the audience nor the musicians couldn’t see much and it took a few more songs until the view became a bit clearer again. For the song ‘Bleed’ MOJORVOICE invited a special guest, Celine Hakelberg, on stage to sing that one as a duet. For the next one Celine just stayed on stage, and Ronald took a break in the backstage, so Celine could present her own song ‘Looking For A Lighthouse’ to the audience. The grand final was the cover version of ‘Wonderful life’. SCARLET DORN joined MAJORVOICE for that one and Scarlet and Celine were supporting Ronald with their vocals. A pure, quite majestic performance for everyone who loves Opera and the massive power of Dark Rock combined.


01. Butterflies In Dawn
02. One Wish
03. We Were Fire
04. After The Rain
05. On The Run
06. Why Don’t You Know
07. Slowly Fade Away
08. This Lonely Ark
09. Wicked Game
10. Bleed
11. Looking For A Lighthouse
12. Nessun Dorma
13. I’ll Never Let You Go
14. Out Of Time
15. Shot In The Silence
16. Stay On These Roads
17. Wonderful Life

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Light: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8.3 / 10

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All pictures by Nastja Iz
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