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Motionless in WhiteMarkthalle, Hamburg, Germany
26th November 2019
Motionless In White - “The Disguise Tour” 2019 - Special guest: Skold

Something dark & heavy was coming towards Hamburg that Tuesday night - MOTIONLESS IN WHITE were about to hit the stage and the queue in front of Markthalle was huge when I arrived there regardless it was just 6 pm. Together with special guests SKOLD that promised to become a huge evening.


SKOLD are Tim Skold - well-known as former guitarist of MARILYN MANSON, also from KMFDM and here with his own project - SKOLD. Live on stage SKOLD are also Nero Bellum (PSYCLON NINE) and Jon Siren (IAMX). The latest album ‘Never Is Now’ was released in 2019.

Music & Performance
Such an intense performance! Never seen SKOLD live before and oh my… I became more and more impressed with every song that they played. Gloomy, calmer, slower songs that crawl almost unseen under the skin just to increase the excitement and cause an emotional explosion the moment you expect it the least.


As someone who has listened excessively to MARILYN MANSON in the 2000s - the references are obvious, but please don’t get me wrong - it sounds much deeper, darker and the live performance is so much more intense and energetic than the MANSON shows I happened to see. Much less “show”, a lot more darkness and focus on the music. Definitely one of the best “support” acts I’ve ever seen and discovered. What a start to the evening. And with every song that SKOLD played the crowd got more and more enthusiastic about them until the fulminant end with ‘Anarchy’.

01. Triumph Of The Will
02. I Will Not Forget
03. Tonight
04. Small World
05. Remember
06. Roses
07. Don’t Pray For Me
08. Angel Of Noise
09. Better The Devil
10. Anarchy

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Light: 10
Sound: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

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Motionless In White

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE - with huge crowds of fans in the USA and all over the world a band that is big in the business and uniting fans of Dark Metal and Metalcore. With their new album ‘Disguise’ they are currently on ‘The Disguise Tour’ in Europe and Russia and will continue next year with the ‘Diseased And Disguised Tour’ in the USA.

Music & Performance
First things first - what an incredibly energy blew towards the stage from the crowd - the reaction when the band finally entered the stage was bombastic and pretty mind-blowing from the audience. So was the band energy on stage - almost no second that Chris Motionless was standing still, neither did the rest of the band. A crushing show with endless power. Moshpits, never-ending stage-diving action and extremely loaded, partying atmosphere.


Chris thanked the audience for such a warm and enthusiastic welcome. As he said, they played at the Markthalle venue some years ago as support and the audience didn’t react to them at all. Seeing the crazy reactions now, it’s really hard to imagine it has been this way. The gratitude for the current reactions was great, and with a wink Chris said “but I never forgot how you have been back then”. But past is past, and the present kicked ass. During some of the songs Chris came down into the pit and just stood almost into the crowd while singing the front row fans were obviously very happy about it and so was he: “I am going to hang out with you guys the rest of the fucking show. That was fun!” Indeed, that looked like a lot of fun.


18 songs, 90 minutes of Horror and Dark Rock and Metal - emotional lyrics, destroying melodies, a crowd and a band that both just have a lot of fun together like tomorrow would be a Sunday. That show stood for itself and proved the success of MOTIONLESS IN WHITE being well deserved. With ‘Eternally Yours’ the evening ended emotional, intense and strong as the whole evening has been.

01. Undead Ahead II
02. Necessary Evil
03. Reincarnate
04. Soft
05. Disguise
06. Brand New Numb
07. Rats
08. Voices
09. Headache
10. Catharsis
11. Code
12. Sick
13. Puppets
14. 570
15. Break The Cycle
16. Death Inc.
17. Devils Night
18. Eternally Yours

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Light: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9.3 / 10

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All pictures by Nastja Iz

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