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NEKRockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
30th November 2019
Nek - European Tour 2019

On the last November day, NEK performed in the Grand-Duchy due to his series of live events in major cities in Europe. It was an opportunity for all his Luxembourgish fans to listen to the songs of the new album live and the hits that over twenty-five years of career have conquered audiences around the world. The Rockhal was thrilled for this magical and Italian evening.

NEK is the stage name of Italian singer/ songwriter Filippo Neviani who took to music at an early age, learning both guitar and drums at age of nine. By the late 1980s he was enjoying success on the Italian club circuit with two different bands, the country-influenced WINCHESTER and the soft rock group WHITE LADY. His solo debut, and first release under the NEK moniker, was released in 1992 and over the course of the next five years, his reputation and fan base increased with the release of two more LPs. After signing with WEA in 1997 he took part in the Sanremo Music Festival where his song ‘Laura non C’è’ became a break-out hit. The song was included on his fourth album, ‘Lei, Gli Amici e Tutto Il Resto’, which became an international hit throughout Europe as well as Latin America thanks to his Spanish-language version. During his career he has released thirteen studio albums and forty-eight singles, which include hits ‘Sei solo tu’, ‘Almeno stavolta’, ‘Lascia che io sia’, ‘Instabile’, ‘La voglia che non-vorrei’, and it has been reported that he has sold over 10 million records.

DSC 4045

Music & Performance
On time and alone on his guitar, NEK welcomed the full club of the Rockhal. With ‘Tu sei, tu sai’ and ‘Cuori in tempesta’ he showed that he didn’t need much to excite crowds. His unmistakable voice filled the room immediately. It followed ‘Vivere Senza te’ and when suddenly the band starts to play with a lot of power, it was clear: NEK can switch immediately - from ballad to rock. Filippo Neviani presented himself as a charming entertainer and chatted mischievously with his fans. He underlined how important they were to him and how much he appreciated their great support. Every now and then he also spoke a few words in French so that everyone could really understand him.

DSC 4035

Songs like ‘Fatti avanti amore’, ‘Sei grande’, ‘Cosa ci ha fatto l’amore’, ‘Unici’ and ‘Se telefonade...’ were also on the setlist and were very welcomed by the audience. On ‘Cosa ci ha fatto l’amore’ he asked for light and the audience lit up the Rockhal with hundreds of smartphones. What a beautiful sight! In general, the audience was in a good mood on this Saturday evening. Often they proved to be very text-safe and sang loudly with NEK. Of course ‘Laura non C’è’ could not be missing and the audience clapped, danced and grooved along. This song was the 47-year-old’s biggest hit in 1997 so it was an absolute to-do to play this masterpiece. Even after almost two hours without a break, NEK was still really in motion and danced, jumped and whirled on the stage. He masters his craft and convinces all along the line.

DSC 4034

01. Tu sei, tu sai
02. Cuori in tempesta
03. Vivere senza te
04. La storia del mondo
05. Cielo e terra
06. Fatti avanti amore
07. Dimmi cos’è
08. Sei grande
09. Se una regola c’è
10. Sul treno
11. Differente
12. Mi farò trovare pronto
13. Ci sei tu
14. Vulnerabile
15. Cosa ci ha fatto l’amore
16. Freud / Rock DJ
17. Uno di questi giorni
18. Nella stanza 26
19. Unici
20. Musica sotto le bombe
21. Alza la radio
22. Laura non c’è
23. Attimi
24. Se telefonando...(Mina cover)
25. Lascia che io sia
26. Almeno stavolta
27. Se io non avessi te
28. E da qui

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 8.5/10

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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