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MarcAlmond Düsseldorf 2022 16 von 16Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf, Germany
14th May 2022
Marc Almond - “Hits & Pieces” 2022

At the beginning of the 80s and synthesizer music, the British duo SOFT CELL formed and had a worldwide success in 1981 with their song ‘Tainted Love’. After splitting up in 1984, both worked on their solo careers. The music of Marc Almond today goes in the direction of chanson and singer / songwriter. But he also likes to cover songs by Jaques Brel or David Bowie. /

Music & Performance
When MARC ALMOND entered the stage of the Düsseldorf Stahlwerk, the audience cheered. MARC ALMOND opened the concert with the songs ‘The Stars We Are’ and ‘Tears Run Rings’. During the concert he told the audience that it had been five years since his last performance [In Germany]. Of course, the newest song ‘Purple Zone’ was not to be missed on this evening. This is another song he recorded with his old friend and colleague Dave Ball and the PET SHOP BOYS. In this Marc performed this dance song in a slow version. After that, the audience got to hear a nice mix of SOFT CELL classics and cover versions. Here, almost everyone sang along with sure lyrics.

MarcAlmond Düsseldorf 2022 14 von 16

Although MARC ALMOND acted rather quietly on stage and mostly gesticulated with his arms, he also danced exuberantly across the stage or leaned towards the audience at the edge of the stage. So, we saw a happy and excellent MARC ALMOND who was visibly moved at the end of the evening.

01. The Stars We Are
02. Tears Run Rings
03. Black Sunrise
04. When the Stars Are Gone
05. Bitter Sweet
06. Under Your Wing
07. Dreaming of Sea
08. Sandboy
09. Hollywood Forever
10. Little Dreamer
11. Black Heart (Marc and the Mambas song)
12. Purple Zone (Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys cover)
13. Light Sleepers (Soft Cell song) (Live debut)
14. A Lover Spurned
15. The Days of Pearly Spencer (David McWilliams cover)
16. Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart (Gene Pitney cover)
17. Bedsitter (Soft Cell song)
18. Torch (Soft Cell song)
19. Chaos
20. Slow Burn Love
21. Jacky (Jacques Brel cover)
22. John, I’m Only Dancing (David Bowie cover)
23. Tainted Love (Gloria Jones cover)
24. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Soft Cell song)
25. Children of the Revolution (T. Rex cover)

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Light: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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All Pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg
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