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25th November 2022
Okean Elzy - “Help for Ukraine” Tour

On 25th November 2022 the famous Ukrainian Rock band OKEAN ELZY performed in Hamburg at Arena as part of their “Help for Ukraine” tour. All proceeds from the concert tickets and artist earnings will be donated to Ukrainian children who have suffered as a result of the war, as well as to medical institutions that provide medical assistance to all war victims and Ukrainian defenders.

OKEAN ELZY’s first charity concert took place only two months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, on April 24, in a location that has become a refuge for many Ukrainians during Russian missile strikes - the Kyiv metro. The concert “I vse bude dobre” (“And all will be well”) was live-streamed and watched by people in over 22 countries. More than 9 million Ukrainian hryvnias were donated during the broadcast, allowing for the purchase of medical supplies and funds for children’s hospitals in Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia and Dnipro. The wounded and children with amputations who have been injured by occupying forces in eastern and southern Ukraine are taken to these hospitals.


“Our tour will primarily raise funds to help Ukrainian children who have suffered as a result of the war, as well as to remind the world that Ukrainians today are not only fighting for their country, but also defending democracy, freedom, and development throughout Europe and the world”, says the group’s leader, Sviatoslav Vakarchuk.

Music & Performance
OKEAN ELZY is one of the most popular Ukrainian Rock bands, with a worldwide audience. Their music captivates and unites, and their unique sound and powerful lyrics penetrate the depths of the soul. The band’s concerts are always an emotional experience, filled with sincerity and love. The musicians have repeatedly conquered the hearts of audiences in Poland, Germany, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries. Stepping onto the stage where OKEAN ELZY is playing is like stepping onto my native Ukrainian land that is exactly how I felt when I took the photo, as if I had returned, or rather I was returned to my native Kyiv city.


The concert was sold out. But there were not only many Ukrainians with Ukrainian flags and in national clothes, such as vyshyvanka, but there were also many Poles, Germans. And it’s very nice that Europeans and the whole world continue to support us, attend concerts of Ukrainian artists, donate to the Ukrainian army, hospitals, and children affected by the war. For me, in turn, it was very joyful and at the same time painful to hear the songs on which we can say we grew up. However, the setlist included not only old hits, but also new songs, reflecting the complexity of today’s wartime. In this way, the song ‘Misto Marii’ was dedicated to the defenders of Mariupol - the Cossack city of Mary.


During the performance of ‘Na linii vognyu’, all the people in the hall lit, at the request of the vocalist, flashlights on mobile phones, thus symbolizing Ukrainian cities, in which lights will soon also be lit in houses, on the streets and avenues, and life will return to its former peaceful course. The song ‘Obіjmy’ is rightly considered one of the most popular in the repertoire of OKEAN ELZY. The price that Ukraine is now paying for its independence is extremely high and terrible. And these losses will never be justified. “We always play it at the end of a show, and our fans are already used to this traditional end of concerts”, emphasizes Sviatoslav Vakarchuk.


01. Maije vesna
02. Tam de nas nema
03. Vidchuvayu
04. Koli Mi Stanem Sobou
05. Ne tvoya viyna
06. Misto Marii
07. Yananebibuv
08. Trymai
09. Na linii vognyu
10. Bez boyu
11. Vysche Neba
12. Julietta
13. Fialki
14. Ne pytay
15. Ne Idy
16. Stina
17. Model’
18. Toi den’
19. Obijmy
20. Na nebi
21. Ya tak khochu
22. Vse bude dobre

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 8
Total: 9.5 / 10

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All pictures by Iryna Kalenska & Marina Galantseva

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