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nightwish2004amsterdamparadiso-end254.jpgParadiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 8th 2005
Nightwish and Sonata Artica

The band that became a mega success with ‘Century Child' has conquered everybody with their latest release ‘Once'. Most gothic fans were therefore looking forward to their new show. Nightwish started their ‘Once-tour' at Dynamo and ended the first part at Paradiso in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The band was up to a party and this became very clear. An outrageous audience was the result of all this, a concert to be remembered by many for a long time to come.

Sonata Artica

Tonight's opening act is Sonata Artica the band that became known for their powermetal but slowly turns towards heavy metal. With the release of ‘Winterhearts Guild' in 2002 the band gained a lot of success. Late 2004 the band released their new album ‘Reckoning Night' which sounds more melodic and heavy. The band kicks off with a few new songs like ‘Don't say a word' and ‘My Selene'. Some older songs like ‘Victoria's Secret' are played by the band as well. Tonight is the band's last night as support act for Nightwish, they will start a headlining tour next.

The band plays a good set, giving it all to the audience. All members play well and the sound is good. Even though the singer was having throat problems and complained about the draft his performance was good. There is a lot of interaction between the band and the audience. The singer franticly moves around on the stage. The band might not have been happy the fans certainly are. The only downside to this good concert is the light show that was too nervous and there was too much red light distracting the attention from the band.

Music 8
Performance 6
Sound 7
Light 6
Total: 7 (7.1)



The large backdrop with the cover of the new album ‘Once' was already hanging behind the stage but we had to wait for the band. In front of the stage it was rather crowded and many used the break to catch a bit of air. Upstairs on the balcony it was evenly crowded. After a while the band kicked off spectacularly with ‘Dark chest of wonders'. Right from the start it was clear the band was in for a party, the enthusiasm clearly shown on their faces. The band finally showed what I'd been hoping for long, a close harmony. Classics like ‘Sleeping Sun' and ‘Wishmaster' had to be played in a set like this and the fans were spoiled with the new singles ‘Nemo' and ‘Ghost love chore'. In between the show and encore Marco held an elaborate speech thanking all crew members involved in the tour. Emptiness was all that was left when the band finally finished their show. This was intense and the band had shown again they have the quality that puts them lonely at the top of the gothmetal.

It was the vocals of Tarja that rose above everything. The day before she'd had a cold but even that gig was played outragously. This night the sound was very good and all seemed to go effortlessly. The lightshow was very beautiful and matched the songs well. The sow itself was just perfect, Tuomas, on keyboards, showed his happiness and was behind his keyboard headbanging while playing. In the back Jukka was using all his energy playing his drum kit. He was situated at a raised platform so he could be clearly seen. It was hard to recognise the band, at Dynamo their show was kind of static and they all seemed focused on their part of the show. Now the band had grown enormously and there was a lot of interaction in the band and between band and audience which had gone wild and was singing along all songs. The guitarists Empu and Marco ran across the stage thus making is a vivid show. The band and audience kept on pushing each other on and on, much due to the show. Pyrotechnics were used as well as two huge airguns blowing coloured paper fragments into the air making the atmosphere even more intense.

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total 8 (7.8)


Photography: Edwin van der Ende
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