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luminor2019 01Interview with


About 10 years ago LUMINOR was very successful with the band CINEMA BIZARRE. We wondered what he’d done in the meantime and had the chance for a short interview with him at the end of August.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: Hey LUMINOR, great to see and hear from you again! How are you and what have you been up to during the last few years?
Luminor: Hallo there. Well, I have been continually working, how could I not! For example; I lent my voice to the ‘Rocketqueen’ album by NIK PAGE. As well as being represented there, I am his duet partner on the single ‘Voices from Outerspace’ (extended edition). Both of these appeared about ten years ago. But most important to me have been and still are my solo concerts, which took place in Italy, France and Russia. During these performances, I allowed myself to completely surprise my fans by the song choices I made. I have always been a person who was hated or loved - with nothing in between. I guess it will stay like that, but that is absolutely okay with me.

RoD: We don’t need to shy away from your successful past with CINEMA BIZARRE, which included Top Ten hits. What are your memories from this time or have you completely quit this chapter of your career?
Luminor: No. I absolutely don’t deny anything I did with CINEMA BIZARRE. Being the dark vocalist in this band was after all, an enormously important part of my biography for sure. I can take much away from this time; I learned a lot and had many experiences which shaped my future. I also met excellent producers and experienced different countries. CINEMA BIZARRE is done for me, but in a way that is very good for me. What essentially matters to me is the now and today and this is the only relevance for my future.

luminor2019 02

RoD: We still remember your great deep and dark voice. For example in the songs ‘Lovesongs (they kill me)’, ‘Spaceman’, and especially ‘Get off’. Can you imagine always continuing with music? I suppose such a passion never really fades away.
Luminor: Singing is the ABSOLUTE important passion of my lifetime. I started singing when I was just four years old and this song has no end! You are completely right - this passion is immortal… So simply a huge fat - YES! To continue in music is my aim. At the moment I am working hard and I am thankful for every chance that is opened up and given to me.

RoD: Well, for sure there can be a new perfect partner found for a duet, or maybe there will be a completely new start with your own band? What do you think?
Luminor: Singing a duet with a female would be very attractive prospect for sure, but also with an extraordinary male partner! On a longer view it is my wish to be respected as LUMINOR - a solo artist. I have no desire to make music with so called “very famous” artists. Because of my experiences in the past I am aware what can happen by being member of a completely constructed band like CINEMA BIZARRE. And I also remember the chains that I felt on my voice and spirit as the time went by in this type of show business. All the so-called “fame” during the CB time never went to my head.
I would be grateful to any musicians and artists open-minded enough to give me the chance to be on the roll again by being a partner or guest with them or even to create a song for me that represents the real Luminor. These people would and will have my deepest devotion, respect and thanks.

RoD: What kind of music or bands do you like personally and is your own music growing in a similar direction?
Luminor: I listen to music that gives me true power and great vibes. Among these are gothic, alternative and independent styles as well as mainstream rock, soundtracks and much, much more. There is a whole universe of music inside of me…

RoD: Much success for your future! I am quite sure many of the old fans and new fans would be happy hearing you singing again.

Photos by Lars Falkowski
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