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John Gallo (guitars / keys) and Mike Puleo (vocals / bass) from Orodruin

After discovering this extraordinary band lately I was stunned, hooked and almost awestruck. Luckily these guys are down to earth and said yes to my interview request.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: What brought you guys into music and more specific what was the reason for making Doom Metal?
John Gallo [John]: The true reason for wanting to start a band goes back to IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH and JUDAS PRIEST around 1992. In the mid 90’s I got into CATHEDRAL, SAINT VITUS, TROUBLE, OBSESSED, PENTAGRAM, CANDLEMASS, WITCHFINDER GENERAL and wanted do something in that vein.

RoD: It took 16 years from ‘Epicurean Mass’ to ‘Ruins of Eternity’, what took you so long?
Mike Puleo [Mike]: The band went into a bit of a dormant phase for some time, but and after a short tour in 2014 we got some offers to release another album. We kept on writing and eventually we felt that we had enough material to make the album that we always wanted to make.

RoD: Why did Mike Waske leave the band? Sound-wise there is nothing to be missed I must say.
John: He decided he was not into doing it anymore. Thanks, glad Puleo’s drums did the job!

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RoD: Obviously the band’s name is very popular as there are a handful of bands with the same name, what drove you towards ORODRUIN?
John: Haha, I saw ORODRUIN listed in like an old book I borrowed from the library called “The Encyclopaedia of Middle Earth” around 1995-96. When I read the description of it meaning “Mount Doom” I was like this would be a great Doom band! Around 1997 I made a band page and a logo which looked like CATHEDRAL’s font. Technically our first demo had other elements like NWOBHM but it was made in 1998/99. The Dutch Black Metal band was around 1999? It was pretty close to when we started. The US Black Metal band was maybe 2000 or 2001? After that I haven’t kept track with any more ORODRUIN’s! Haha.

RoD: Your sound is the epitome of sadness and solitude, are you guys a sad bunch?
John: We like to have a good time and enjoy playing this heavy music! It makes me feel good inside like listening to TROUBLE, ‘The Skull’.

RoD: Do you draw your lyrics from life itself or do you rather tell stories?
Mike: There is a mix of introspection and inspiration from literature and mythology. I hope that people can interpret the songs through their own experiences and find the songs meaningful in some way.

RoD: What was the first interaction with metal in any form you remember?
John: Seeing IRON MAIDEN on “The Fear of The Dark” tour in 1992!

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RoD: What was the first record you bought?
John: The first record/ vinyl on my own I went into a store and bought was WASP, ‘Inside the Electric Circus’, in like 1988? Haha, first cassette was MAIDEN, ‘Seventh Son’, around 1992… my first CD was IRON MAIDEN’s ‘Stranger In A Strange Land’ double CD single around 1993 (which I never got to play cause I didn’t own a CD player for like a whole year after that!)

RoD: Who would you like to spend some time with if you had a wish?
John: Jam with Tony Iommi!

RoD: Will you tour now that you have this killer record out?
John: Yes please!

RoD: Thanks for your time guys, I have to buy your first record now and find out where the heck I can get some merch…
John: Thanks for the interview Dennis!!!

New album ‘Ruins of Eternity’ out October 25th 2019

Photos by John Gallo Senior

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