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liebknechtInterview with

Daniel Myer from Liebknecht

We at Reflections Of Darkness think that we don’t have to introduce Daniel Myer to the Electro fans in more details. He has already made a name in the electronic music scene to himself with such projects like ARCHITECT, HAUJOBB, DSTR or COVENANT. Now the Leipzig based musician, who is well-known for his smart Electro sounds, is back with a new album, this time under the moniker LIEBKNECHT. Among other things, our editor Janos Janurik asked Mr. Myer - who just took a short break during his common tour with NITZER EBB - about this new music project.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: You’ve been touring with NITZER EBB for some time now. The concerts in Germany were all sold-out. How do you see, as their opening act, the reactions of the audience to the new NITZER EBB sound?
Daniel: For the most part the feedback was positive. At the latest after the first third of the set the public seemed to understand what exactly happens there on the stage and they just started to celebrate.

liebknecht2019 D4S2564 klein

RoD: Could you tell for those, who do not know you yet, a few words about yourself? When and how you have got into the electronic music scene? Which artists have inspired you?
Daniel: I make music for nearly 30 years and since 1992 I publish music. NITZER EBB have always inspired me in making my own music, but, above all, SKINNY PUPPY and DEPECHE MODE were my main influences, I think.

RoD: You are mainly known as mastermind behind HAUJOBB and ARCHITECT, you are also a member of COVENANT and you also did remixes for artists LIKE FRONT 242, DE/VISION or VNV NATION - and we should also not forget your cooperation with the legendary Alan Wilder aka RECOIL. Which one of these artistic co-operations would you like to especially emphasise?
Daniel: The work with Alan was quite outstanding. The remix which we did together for DEPECHE MODE (DEPECHE MODE - In Chains (Myer vs. Wilder Deconstruction)) is a highlight of my career for me, even if I find that mix in itself not so bulging.

RoD: And what is the place for LIEBKNECHT in your artist’s portfolio? In what way is this new music project different to your previous ones?
Daniel: With LIEBKNECHT I basically started a new chapter. This kind of music was conceived for the clubs and it was based on the then current Dance productions. Which means that I started to make my own sound building from EBM and from techno club-music.

RoD: Finally, LIEBKNECHT’s debut album ‘Produkt’, which was available only as a download version, is published on CD too, expanded with bonus tracks. How long have you worked on it?
Daniel: The whole process began approx. in 2013. Then in 2017 the album was ready and since then I was looking for a label. Then there was a long period of waiting.

RoD: Back on the subject touring with NITZER EBB. After the mentioned Germany concerts it continued with about a half-dozen club shows in Europe. Then the tour ends in Barcelona, on the 14th of December. For which concert do you wait mostly or have you waited mostly?
Daniel: Actually, I wait always for being near the sea, therefore, I am very much excited about Barcelona. But Paris and London were also exciting, because there many friends and musicians were present whom I estimate very much. Belgium was always a highlight too, because there one of my narrowest co-musicians lives.

RoD: What will the year 2020 bring for Daniel Myer and for his fans?
Daniel: I hope that many new, and above all own productions. In 2019 I could not create a lot of own things and this will change from the end of 2019, I hope. There will be some new material from HAUJOBB, from ARCHITECT and also from LIEBKNECHT and many other tasty things.

Those who travel on these days to Portugal or to Spain - which countries are also worth for a winter a trip - can experience there still LIEBKNECHT and NITZER EBB on the following dates live:
11. December 2019, Lisboa Ao Vivo (LaV), Lisboa, Portugal
13. December 2019, Sala Mon Live, Madrid, Spain
14. December 2019, Sala Apolo, Barcelona, Spain

liebknecht produkt

Liebknecht - Produkt (CD) - Tracklist
01. Danzig
02. Berlin
03. Königsberg
04. Leipzig
05. Ice Over Erfurt
06. Köln
07. Saint Pete
08. Hamburg (E-Corp Version)
09. Overwrite
10. I Am Freak
Bonus Tracks:
11, Animalism (Remix 2.0) (Original Version By Cervello Elettronico)
12, Ursuppe (Remix) (Original Version By Architect)
13. Wild In Blue (With Kristoffer Grip) (Album Edit)
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