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lisvandenakker D4S4149 kleinInterview with

Lis van den Akker (singer, songwriter)

Lis van den Akker is a singer, song-writer and extremely dynamic, energetic and beautiful soul. Known for co-operation witch artists such as DIE KRUPPS, FELIX MARC, PSY’AVIAH or Sebastian Komor, she shares her opinion about music, working with different artists and stating her own voice in a fast-changing music world.

Reflections of Darkness RoD:  Hi Lis, we spoke before regarding life and change, now I wanted to ask you about the changes in your life. Because I know there are some?
Lis: I know you have been following me for quite a while now. Some may know me for being the singer in MISERY, others may know me for my many guest appearances on other band’s records. In rare times I share something of my personal life which directly influences my lyrics and music. It’s a direct reflection.

RoD: What is the music place in your life? Has it always been present?
Lis: Yes it is always there, it’s my driving force. As soon as I could walk and talk I knew that we belonged together. I want to improve myself. When I was an eight year old, I had my own double cassette player. At that time I already recorded my own vocals. Music lives and gives me the support in my daily life. Also as a full-time mum, we’ve had a rough history and I have to deal with many obstacles and painful experiences but I have been good for a long time now. To me music is the best therapy there is. You need to be in movement. I had moments that my world was falling apart. I will never forget that I woke up one day and I couldn’t feel my body anymore. My senses were gone, everything felt deaf on the left side. I had to learn again how to talk and to walk again. After two months of revalidation I got a message. Felix asked me if I could join them on stage in Germany. First I thought it was a joke. It gave me the right boost to do so, it was exactly what I needed to come back and to give me that extra push.

lisvandenakker D4S4133 klein

RoD: You cooperate with many musicians, of, I’d say, totally different roots. What is your approach towards the cooperation with the bands? How do you state your own voice during the production process?
Lis: It all developed over the years by seeing each other on concerts/ festivals and because most cooperations I did are build out of friendship, interest, support and the love we share for music. There has to be a match. I do get approached by other bands or musicians who want to start a project or need vocals. I like to take a chance, I like a challenge sometimes but like I said there has to be a connection. I record my vocals in my own studio at home and sometimes in other studios, like for DIE KRUPPS. At home I work with Cubase.

RoD: In the FELIX MARC video ‘The Promise You Made’ you showed you are actually an actress, too Have you ever considered the acting career?
Lis: After all this years… it’s finally showing… *joking*. This was the second time I play a role in a music-video. So thank you. Maybe I should try acting, on the other hand… I don’t see it as acting. When you really have compassion for music than you express these emotions, you feel the words, you feel the movements… I put my soul into it. I already loved the original song. Felix and I, our vocals they connect so well, we knew that this duet would work out perfectly and because of the trust we share. Together we sang ‘Earthling’ and how convenient ‘A Second of Life’ live on stage.

RoD: Tell me more about the cooperation with Felix? The song you produced together is kinda romantic - would you say you are the romantic type?
Lis: Well… at least I expected some roses on the bed, a filled hot tub and some champagne popping! Haha! In the video I am playing a disappointed romantic type because it’s all about the promise you made. The cooperation with Felix is always very comfortable because we know each other for more than 10 years. This wasn’t really new to us but making a video together for his new album Substance was quite amazing.

lisvandenakker D4S4140 klein

RoD: Gothic Meets Classic show - your impressions?
Lis: That was one of the most impressive event I have ever experienced in my whole life, and then together with Jürgen Engler from DIE KRUPPS. I wouldn’t have believed it in a million years if you would have told me that a few years ago. Because I was there at M’era Luna at the festival field watching DIE KRUPPS in my twenties. So it was more than a huge honour to stand next to my idol, he has my heart. I know their music. At the Gothic meets Klassik show, songs from DIE KRUPPS were played by a big orchestra, it was more than impressive and it really made your skin crawl. It was tremendous and the audience response was overwhelming.

RoD: Cooperation with DIE KRUPPS... what is it like? Who dominates? The leading vocals, the backing vocals? And who is who?
Lis: *Laughing about who dominates* Jürgen Engler we all know right? At least I do. DIE KRUPPS is: Nils Finkeisen - guitar, Ralf Dörper - synths, Marcel Zürcher - guitar, backing vocals, Paul Keller - drums and Jürgen Engler - lead vocals. We are all Robo Sapiens. Listen to the new album from DIE KRUPPS - ‘Vision 2020 Vision’. And watch their new videos, especially the upcoming ‘Trigger Warning’, I’m in it.

RoD: What are your future plans?
Lis: You will definitely see or hear from me, see the last question…

RoD: If we think about life - what is your approach to it? Would you say you’re an optimist? What is your way of tackling difficulties?
Lis: If everything goes downwards… it’s impossible to be an optimist… you need someone and if that someone isn’t there, you need something else to hold on to… Life isn’t easy… you are easily getting sucked in to so many obligations, so many things to do… I don’t even want to say anything about politics, climate changing, animals, and war. Nothing has value anymore. Music reunites people. When it comes to tackling difficulties… Try to take the day as it is… In all forms.

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran from the DIE KRUPPS show on 21st Nov. 2019 in Oberhausen ( /

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