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slutet kong splitalbum
Artist: Slutet & kONG
Title: Slutet - kONG (Split Album)
Genre: Indie / Electronica
Release Date: 3rd November 2011
Label: Electric Fantastic Sound

Album Review

This split album consists of two Swedish bands, namely SLUTET and kONG, both of them playing something that can typically be described as Electronica. The differences though between them are huge; SLUTET has a more theatrical, dark and atmospheric aspect whereas the kONG are more mainstream in their music.

The CD opens with ‘Psykbryt...’ a song that I recommend to all the fans of dark ambient and Electronica. Grand in its breadth and its scope, in its 15+ minutes, you have a tale of fall and redemption, based on biblical themes. It is the song which as I guess puts SLUTET in a unique position in the area of Indie. ‘Elegi...’ is a form of Spoken Word and the live version of ‘Another Sunday’ does justice to the band as it transfers the emotional voice of the female singer.

On the other hand, kONG are here for the less adventurous among you. That doesn’t mean they don’t have interesting ideas, on the contrary. ‘Everything’ is atmospheric and rather melodic; ‘Only Dancing’ is more closely affiliated to the Dance elements of the early 80’s scene. Their great moment here is ‘Heart Melted Fast’, an electronic insight into the ‘Blade Runner’, downbeat and lyrical at the same time is surely a song to be enjoyed.

The problem is that when you make the comparison with ‘Psykbryt...’, everything else here lacks in comparison. As long you manage to distance yourselves from that song you’ll discover some small diamonds that surely deserve your attention.


01. Slutet – Psykbryt a) Psalm 56 b) Nostalgi c) Avgrunden
02. Slutet – (Elegi) 1233 ord om kärlek (som om jag visste allt)
03. Slutet – Nervkollaps
04. Slutet – Another Sunday (Live In Umeå Stadskyrka '11)
05. k0NG – Everything
06. k0NG – Only Dancing
07. k0NG – Dressed In White
08. k0NG – Heart Melted Fast


Jim Knutsson

Patrik Westerberg
Hannes Johansson

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Cover Picture

slutet kong splitalbum


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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