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priscillahernandez theunderliving
Artist: Priscilla Hernández
Title: The Underliving
Genre: Ambient/ Gothic/ New Age
Release Date: 16th November 2011
Label: Yidneth

Album Review

Priscilla Hernández is a singer, composer, producer, and illustrator, born in Tenerife and now based in Spain. From an early age she has been captivated by fairy tales, fantasy and supernatural spectral literature and it makes up for many of her inspirations. She seeks to explore Dreams though her music which sits between Gothic, Ambient with some world music elements that grant her also an entrance into the ‘New Age’ label. Yet, with the last I’d like to stress that her music is not too far wishy-washy and that her dreams are rooted into reality, which is not only rooted to rose tinted glasses, which in my book is - thanks god! I would not manage to sit through it otherwise! The physical release contains a booklet adorned with her artwork - after all she is also an illustrator. The LP itself contains 18 songs which will give you over an hour of listening.

‘The Underliving’ follows on her debut ‘Ancient Shadows (the Ghost and the Fairy)’. The compositions are sensitive, mostly soft and underlined by her beautiful vocal, at times I get reminded of KATE BUSH and TORI AMOS, sometimes there’s something of CLANNAD. On the downside, if you’re of a more dynamic character you might find the dreaminess boring after a while, many songs are far too similar to one another and if you don’t have patience to look for small details or get into her lyrics listening to it is going to be a time lost. There are songs that stand out of this trend i.e. ‘Through the Long Way’ which has a more pronounced melancholy. In the ‘Off the Lane’ the piano & keyboard parts enliven the song. ‘The Aftermath’ has some great atmosphere, slightly Celtic with gentle flutes. ‘The Wind Song’ and the outro/hidden track ‘Rise’ have a nice experimental feel.

Ultimately you have to be in a mood for this to appreciate it fully as it does have enough to offer in terms of beauty, possibility to wind down and a pleasant invitation for introspection.


01. In the Mist
02. The Underliving
03. Feel the Thrill
04. Through the Long Way
05. Don’t be Sad
06. In my Mind’s Eye
07. Off the Lane
08. Storm
09. The Aftermath
10. The Wind Song
11. Ode to the Silence
12. Northern Lights
13. Morning Light
14. At the Dream’s Door
15. One Last Hope
Bonus “In memory”
16. Totonika Nova
17. Good Night Kira
18. Rise (Hidden track)


Priscilla Hernández

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priscillahernandez theunderliving


Music: 6.5
Sound: 8
Total: 7.25 / 10

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