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scarletsoho lights
Artist: Sarlect Soho
Title: When The Lights Go Out
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 21st May 2012
Label: Mirrorman

Album Review

Their first album 'Divisions of Decency', released in 2004, brought them to the attention of the likes of IAMX or RAZORLIGHT, subsequently followed by extensive touring of the UK and Europe. Signed to German label Major Records now, the band put out their second album 'Warpaint' in 2009 which ensued their fan-base kept growing steadily. The new EP' When The Lights Go Out' is the first proof they're working on something ever since that album. And the title track is quite a quality piece to listen to with a bubbling synthetic pulse, almost post-punkish bass linesand 80s reminiscences wherever you look. James Knights warm vocals ensure the clinical world is filled with life. Following 'What You Need' is crossing over to mininmalist pop with such sweet melodies that you can't get them out of your system in days. 'Retail Therapy' addresses a club crowd. The beats have got more punch and the bass lines keep rolling forward while some social critisicm is injected with the lyrics.

The remix section gets represented by a rendition of the title track by TROUBLE OVER TOKYO. The initial synth waves suggests a darker approach but in the following it turns out the project is just leading the track over into clubby territory. The EP closes with a short edit for radio purposes. I can almost hear it being played on the radio. SCARLET SOHO represent the department of high qiality electronic pop musicand deliver a thrilling appetizer for what's to come with the nextr album.


01. When the Lights go out - 4:21
02. What you need - 4:21
03. Retail Therapy - 3:36
04. WTLGO Tokyotron Remix (by Trouble Over Tokyo) - 5:28
05. When the Lights go out (Radio Edit) - 3:35


James Knights
Stuart Key

Website /

Cover Picture

scarletsoho lights


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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