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seaandair myheartssickchord
Artist: Sea + Air
Title: My Heart’s Sick Chord
Genre: World Music
Release Date: 12th October 2012
Label: RAR/Motor Entertainment

Album Review

SEA + AIR comprises of two musicians, a couple who performed together under ‘Daniel Benjamin’ for something like ten years, but by 2010 as no longer conceived as a solo project as SEA + AIR. Their inspiration spans Bach’s music to experimental German music of ‘70’s and legacy of Greek folk music. Their debut album, wonderfully titled as ‘My Heart’s Sick Chord’ is dedicated to harpsichord, Bach’s favourite instrument and also to the idea of reproducing the sound of instruments solely played without the backing of electricity.

The album comprises of soft, tender compositions, where the two interact beautifully. Above the stated influences the duo covered Peter Gabriel’s  ‘Mercy Seat’, a song he wrote for Anne Sexton, the late American poet, easy to be confused with Nick Cave’s song at a first glance at tracklist, but the song puts you right who is the covered artist. Their choice to revive the way music sounded back in the day is a double-edged issue. On one hand you’d miss a more crystalline production, on the other hand it’ll challenge you to listen harder and appreciate the craft behind the music. Its amalgam of styles comes of really well too and in a way provides a fresh way of listening too. They also seem to be passionate animal rights folks, something that is felt in the song ‘Do Animals Cry’.

It’s an album inviting some reflection but in a very gentle, comforting and even interesting way, an understatedly intelligent as well.  I would recommend it though only for when you are really in a mood, otherwise it can come out a bit flat and if you’re not paying much attention to details, even monotonous.


01.Take Me for A Ride
02. Mercy Street
03. Dirty Love
04. The Sea After A Storm
05. You Don’t Care About Me
06. Safe From Harm
07. You & I
08. Do Animals Cry?
09. The Heart Of The Rainbow
10. Yeah I Know
11. Like A Spy On The Roof
12. 1st Life
13. My Heart’s Sickest Chord


Daniel Benjamin - Vocals, Concerto Guitar, Drums, Cymbals, Bells
Eleni - Vocals, Harpsichord, Organ Bass Pedal, Drums

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Cover Picture

seaandair myheartssickchord


Music: 7
Sound: 5
Total: 6 / 10

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