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posthum lightsout
Artist: Posthum
Title: Lights Out
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 21st September 12
Label: Indie Recordings

Album Review

‘Lights Out’ is a melancholic magnum opus from the Norwegian black metal scene bought to you by POSTHUM, a band slowly (yet surely) growing with irrefutable popularity. Their debut in 2009, ‘Posthum’ gained them a place in the SATYRICON European tour as a support along with SHINING. Needless to say, a follow up record was greatly anticipated. ‘Lights Out’ is a strong return, at times it is raw, it grasps you with its emotive riffs, the despairing vocals from Jon Kristian Skare resonate intensely, the foreboding roars of POSTHUM will penetrate the hardest of ear drums. What is refreshing about POSTHUM is their image that negates the typicality of the black metal genre, gone are the theatrics of make-up and Satanic façade, POSTHUM concentrate on the quality of their music and listening to this album, this is evident.

‘Untame’ is the first track that really explodes into a mammoth anthem, it is sufficed to say, an enjoyable dirge. Tracks that follow such as ‘Leave It All To Burn’, ‘Scarecrow’ and ‘Red’ reign with a fierce jubilee of all dark things. Their sound interprets the isolated scale of Norway and its immensity. The scope and dimensions that they explore both musically and lyrically in comparison to other well-known acts in Black Metal are relatively fresh and exciting. The only downside perhaps is its short duration, only comprising of 8 songs and just over 40 minutes leaves you craving. Poetic and scathing, POSTHUM are a band on fire!


01. Untame
02. Leave It All To Burn
03. Scarecrow
04. Red
05. Absence
06. Resiliant
07. Down On Blood
08. Summoned At Night


Jon Kristian Skare – Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Martin Wasa Olsen – Bass, Guitar
Morten Edseth - Drums

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Cover Picture

posthum lightsout


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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