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portioncontrol pureform
Artist: Portion Control
Title: Pure Form
Genre: Techno / Industrial / Electronic
Release Date: 11th May 2012
Label: Other Sounds

Album Review

Dubby, bass-heavy beats and rich atmospherics build for the first minute of the slow-burning opener, ‘Blows’ and you’re wondering where it’s going to go when a gritty sneering vocal grinds in. The sound’s reminiscent of ‘Unacceptable Face of Freedom’ era TEST DEPARTMENT, only more overtly electro. But thumping percussion dominates, while subsonic bass frequencies growl and snarl, and from thereon in, the album settles into a solid technoid groove. The list of “listen to if you like...” bands include NINE INCH NAILS, SKINNY PUPPY, FRONT 242, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY and give a clear indicator of what to expect. You can add early (but thankfully not really early) MINISTRY to that list of comparisons, too. Ironically, PORTION CONTROL were doing it before any of them, having formed in London back in 1980. Small wonder they have been name-checked by the likes of DEPECHE MODE and many of the other bands they share sonic territory with.

But what PORTION CONTROL serve up here sounds like it’s all been done before, and it’s fair to say that the 14 tracks on ‘Pure Form’ do largely adhere to tried and tested formulae in the field of industrial techno, then you have to remember it was these guys who tried and tested it first. Moreover, the success of ‘Pure Form’ lies in its execution. For a start, PORTION CONTROL have produced a set containing some decent tunes, and they are delivered with real panache. The beats are solid and sturdy, the synth layered up over infectious bass grooves and the vocals are aggressive - corresponding impeccably with the lyrical content. ‘Hit me’, is the refrain on ‘Point Blank’ - which is reminiscent of ‘Cattle Grind’ by RevCo - as it throbs and drives away relentlessly. ‘Pure Form’ isn’t a light album by any stretch: in fact, it’s merciless in its pursuit of the creation of dense slabs of mechanized music that assaults both mind and body simultaneously. So if you like your electro hard-edged and industrial strength, then you’ll seriously dig this.


01. Blows
02. Deadstar
03. Terex Pure           
04. Point Blank
05. Skins
06. Wreckage
07. Chosen Seed
08. Slow Release
09. Something Fierce
10. Katsu
11. In Dark Places
12. Last Of The Breed
13. Elite
14. Chrono Form


Dean Piavani  – Vocals
John Whybrew – Electronics


Cover Picture

portioncontrol pureform


Music: 7.5
Sound: 8.5
Total: 8 / 10

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