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terminatryx remyxv1
Artist: Terminatryx
Title: Remyx V1
Genre: Electro Rock / Industrial
Release Date: 10th December 2012
Label ENT Entertainment

Album Review

TERMINATRYX are one of the branches of the flourishing independent scene around South Africa and already a couple years back lifted their eponymous debut album. This is the first musical sign since in the scopes of which the band is putting their material to the mercy of many peers, intending them to shed a different light on the songs for them. Their commitment led to 'Remyx V1', comprising 15 tracks altogether and starting with a new take on 'Venus Rising' which is surely finding followers since it is more in the cyber Goth vein of things offering a vivid beat and little diversions or breaks. Following 'CONsume' and 'Virus' are pretty similar in both combining a massive beat armada with literally cutting industrial metal riffs. If it weren't for the very prominent electronic elements 'Midnight' could even be something being played in a metal club and catering for a real head banging orgy there.

'Tabloid Android' stands out n the way that it received an unconventional acoustic treatment that doesn't rob it of its pure energy. 'Symbionik' is shifted towards a future pop approach with industrial guitars. Uncommon thinking but doesn't work out well to me. 'We Come IN Peace' is the second exception, added with a vibrant drum section and gloomy shapes of melody. 'Absinthium' walks the mystic route blending tradition with modernity, the result o f which is a very sophisticated mixture that lures you in right away. Original material comes our way with 'Obsession' presenting a refined sound and a rather organic approach to things. The compilation receives a brutal closing with a raucous rendition of 'Siek+Sat'. I'm not principally against remix albums. It's just that they practically represent nothing  but a collection of songs. Even if more than a couple of those compiled here are very strong ones, I would much more like to hear new material soon.


01. Venus Rising (Industriezone Remix) - 3:22
02. CONsume (Martin Degville & Lloyd Price Remix) - 5:23
03. Virus (Axxon Remix) - 5:56
04. Midnight (The Awakening Remix) - 4:10
05. Sleepwalkers (The Awakening Remix by iRONic) - 4:18
06. Tabloid Android (Terminatryx Acoustyx Version) - 3:16
07. Symbionik (Sheep on Drugs Remix) - 3:13
08. We Come In Peace (Modern-e-quartet-reinterpretation) - 4:46
09. Up To You (NuL Remix) - 3:57
10. The Love Song (Jekyl & Hyde - Not A Love Song Remix) - 7:05
11. Siek+Sat (Artillerie Mix by Battery 9) - 4:25
12. Absinthium (Mr. Sakitumi Remix) - 5:49
13. Obsession - 4:05
14. Maciste Descends (Makabra Ensemble) - 2:32
15. Siek+Sat (Terminatryx Undead on Speed Remix) - 2:57


Paul Blom
Sonja Ruppersberg


Cover Picture

terminatryx remyxv1


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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