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simpleminds 5x5
Artist: Simple Minds
Title: 5x5 Live
Genre: New Wave
Release Date: 16th November 2012
Label: EMI

Album Review

Like a lot of their peers (Duran Duran, OMD, Claudia Brücken to name a few), this 80's cult act as never been that active since the begin of the millennium: 4 studio albums, 2 live albums, one solo album, nonstop touring... not to mention the latest collaboration from Jim Kerr with the band THE DARK FLOWERS (4 tracks) and the new tracks for the forthcoming triple compilation ‘Celebrate’. Last year, the Scottish lads came up with a great idea that a lot of bands should be inspired with: a tour consisting in picking 5 tracks from the 5 first albums. A special gift for the fans, those albums being the most appreciated, especially ‘Sons And Fascination/Sister Feeling Call’ and ‘New Gold Dream’. Let's say it loud and clear: the band never sounded so powerful. The opening ‘I Travel’ put things straight: the band is Alive and Kicking. Mel Gaynor has never beaten his drum so loud and well, Jim Kerr vocals are brilliant and I could name the all line up.

Some of the tracks are not that easy accessible for the post ‘Don't You Forget About me’ fans, especially the first part of the album as they represent the darkest part of the band (Thirty frames a Second, Today I Died Again, Life In A Day, Calling Your Name), but for the fans, it's pure gold. Imagine if DEPECHE MODE was performing a set consisting of tracks like ‘Told You So’, ‘More Than A Party’, ‘And Then’ or ‘If You Want’... This life album is a great reflection of the growing power of the show, reaching a climax with the sequence starting by the synth driven and mid tempo ‘King Is White And In The Crowd’. And from that point the pressure never goes down again. ‘Hunter & The Hunted’ is magnificent, ‘Love song’ or ‘The American’ never sounded that kicking asses before, Jim's vocals on ‘This Fear Of God’, ‘Pleasantly Disturbed’ (great violin part by Mr Charlie Burchill). I could carry on over the 31 tracks of those 2:20 of listening pleasure.

Of course, some hits are here as ‘New Gold Dream’ was included in the 5 (Sons & Fascination and Sister Feeling Call being considered as one album): ‘Big Sleep’, ‘Someone Somewhere in Summertime’, ‘Promised You A Miracle’... as the concept can be more accessible to the non ‘long time’ fans and this is fair enough. This live album proves that SIMPLE MINDS is one of the most creative and influence bands from the late 70's. It's also a great way of hearing the evolution of the band from the early post-punk era to the point where they were ready to conquer stadiums, balancing instant hits with still dark and moody tracks. The flame burning in their hearts is meant to last as the band is ready to embark for a ‘Celebrate Tour’ over Europe, has already some plans for a new album while Jim Kerr is also looking forward his 2nd solo album.


01. Intro
02. I travel
03. Thirty frames a second
04. Today I died again
05. Celebrate
06. Life in a day
07. Calling your name
08. Scar
09. King is white and in the crowd
10. Hunter and the hunted
11. Wasteland
12. Love song
13. This fear of gods
14. Pleasantly disturbed
15. Room

01. The American
02. 70 cities as love brings the fall
03. In trance as mission
04. Sons and fascination
05. Sweat in bullet
06. Changeling
07. Factory
08. Big sleep
09. Premonition
10. Promised you a miracle
11. Someone somewhere (in summertime)
12. Theme for great cities
13. Glittering prize
14. Someone
15. Chelsea girl
16. New gold dream (81/82/83/84)


Jim Kerr - Vocals
Charlie Burchill - Guitars
Mel Gaynor - Drums
Andy Gillespie - Keyboards
Ged Grimes - Bass


Cover Picture

simpleminds 5x5


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10

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