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shyguyattheshow st
Artist: Shy Guy at the Show
Title: Shy Guy at the Show
Genre: Goth Rock
Release Date: 10th May 2013
Label: Equinoxe Records

Album Review

SHY GUY AT THE SHOW describe themselves “as if the Sisters of Mercy with Nick Cave had too much red wine, stole the synths of Depeche Mode and Joy Division bathed in anger.” The comparison with Nick Cave is nearly laughable; Cave is one of the best lyricists out there whilst the lyrics here are something to cringe about, clichéd and laboured. The vocal is flat-lining – throw that guy into another style and he won’t swim and hardly makes it here. The music tries to accommodate these influences but it fails, it’s thin (the less is really less here) and uninspiring and at times as obvious in an embarrassing way as it doesn’t even take off the floor. The only song that stands out is ‘76 Degrees’ that manages to evoke an emotion of melancholy whereas the rest won’t stir anything at all, and where the singer manages to pull the vocal from stagnation and show some more interesting side to it that doesn’t sound straining. But even this one song will eventually fizzle out. There are far too many exciting releases in Goth Rock to bother with this.


1. I Say To You
2. Tears Of Ice
3.  Walk With The Devil
4. Devotion
5. Clouds Of Air
6. Tenderness
7. Home
8. 76 Degrees
9. Smash Your Love
10. Walls of Misery


Sebastian Emling – vocals
David Emling – Guitar
Jonas Schira – Keyboards / Vocals
Sven Schiffler – Bass
Sebastian Hellman – Drums / Vocals

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Cover Picture

shyguyattheshow st


Music: 4
Sound: 4
Total: 4 / 10

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