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skidrow unitedworldrebellionchapterone
Artist: Skid Row
Title: United World Rebellion - Chapter One
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 24th May 2013
Label: UDR (Emi)

Album Review

SKID ROW is one of the one latest “hairy“ bands of hard rock. The band started its musical way back in 1986. In the earlier 90s they released three multiplatinum albums. Since then they've changed number of members, and even took a break, but in the end they still keep going. The last album till now they released in 2006, and this year they are back with the new EP 'United World Rebellion – Chapter One'. If don't look at the age of the musicians they stayed the same hooligans, making loud rock music. On the one hand the EP includes just five tracks. And in the end it is not enough and when it comes to the end you want more, so it is needed to listen to it at least twice. On the other hand these five songs are like a train which passes you by with high speed: you try to different some windows, but all you see is a coloured whirlwind.

Behind the flurry of the sound it is difficult to understand where is one song ends and the other begins. They flow one into another without any adequate signs. But if you need to wake up or to load yourself up with some energy, this EP is exactly what you need. It is loud, powerful and loaded with so much energy, that more you could get just if you catch a lightning staying under the tree in the storm. Every track is pretty intensive, quite well done and could be a hit. SKID ROW managed it to can the old good hard rock and bring it to our days. Even if we all look further and try to make a progress in any part of our life, there are some things which are better to take with us and never leave them behind – so is hard rock, so are SKID ROW.


01. Kings of Demolition
02. Let's Go
03. This is Killing Me
04. Get Up
05. Stitches


Dave "The Snake" Sabo – Guitars, backing vocals
Rachel Bolan – Bass, backing vocals
Scotti Hill – Guitars, backing vocals
Johnny Solinger – Lead vocals
Rob Hammersmith – Drums


Cover Picture

skidrow unitedworldrebellionchapterone


Music: 5
Sound: 9
Total: 7 / 10

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