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spiritualfront blackheartsinblacksuits
Artist: Spiritual Front
Title: Black Hearts in Black Suits
Genre: “Nihilistic Suicide Pop”
Release Date: 6th December 2013
Label: Rustblade

Album Review

The idea of the ‘Black Hearts in Black Suits’ appeared, as the frontman of SPIRITUAL FRONT Simone Salvatori and Stefano Puri started to get in touch again after seven years, when they recorded together the album ‘Armageddon Gigolo’. “The initial idea was to record a bunch of piano/vocals songs as a re start. Slowly this collaboration started to take a bigger form unless it became a sort of real opera with strings and choir.” - Simone says. Even if the album came out with the label “Spiritual Front” - forget everything you heard before by this band. There is neither a suicidal Neofolk of ‘Armageddon Gigolo’, nor the dirty pop-cabaret of ‘Rotten Roma Casino’.

Arranged with classical piano and other real instruments and formed by Simone’s vocals and choir this album is rather a theatrical musical drama. Maybe this piece isn’t for the stage of the Milan opera house “La Scala”, but it is already too big for MP3 format. The album is out on vinyl as well. And this is for good, because you possibly will have a wish to listen to this marvellous work in the best quality. You’ll dream about this album, you’ll listen to it and forget about everything in this world, swallowing every tiny detail and blessing every minute of listening to it. As for the lyrics, the songs are telling the stories of difficult love relationships: love agony, jealousy, passion, sexuality, love addiction, sickness – everything what poets of all the times and nationalities tried to describe. The main inspiration was Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the legendary German director. The cherry on that pie is interpretation of the song ‘Each Man kills the Thing he loves’ (lyrics by Oscar Wilde, music by Peer Raben), which is the leitmotif of the Fassbinder’s film ‘Querell’, and SPIRITUAL FRONT creativity as well (you’ll find that lyrics, for example, in the booklet of the album ‘Armageddon Gigolo’).

Listening to this album could be as challenging, as when you’re looking up into the skies and realize, that you’re so little and unimportant in this huge universe. The ‘Black Hearts…’ is so big and beautiful, that there is no chance to overvalue it. Dear music lovers with black hearts, how many times have you asked yourself, if the modern musicians are able for something real and impressive? I’m happy to find a positive answer on this. And if you are ready for the real thing – open your ears and hearts for the ‘Black Hearts in Black Suits’.


01. Requiem Æternam
02. Life's too long
03. Martha
04. Eternally yours
05. Veronika
06. The only sin
07. Dies Iræ
08. No forgiveness
09. Erwig
10. I just can't have nothing
11. Lacrimosa
12. I believe I was yours
13. Franz
14. Choose death
15. Each man kills the thing he loves


Simone Salvatori – Vocals
Stefano Puri – Piano, harmonium


Cover Picture

spiritualfront blackheartsinblacksuits


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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