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stam1na slk
Artist: Stam1na
Title: SLK
Genre: Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Release Date: 26th September 2014
Label: Sakara Records/ OMN Label Services

Album Review

STAM1NA is a band from Finland and their sixth album ‘SLK’ came out in September. They formed already back out in the late nineties and seem to have achieved some acclaim mostly at home. They sing in Finnish, which to my ears actually creates a nice change from English, but perhaps a turn off to anglophiles who demand everything to be Anglophonic. You get the mood of the song but can insert your own meaning to it, even though if you put your ear to the ground it’s contemplating death, mostly man-forced death – that is war and genocide. Even without understanding Finnish you can get also that the singer is pretty diverse in his delivery, from terse spat out verses, growls to clean, he’s pretty good and expressive.

Theirs is a mixture of styles, from progressive corner of Metal to Punk Rock that still manages to come out uncontrived. Heavy pounding they still manage not to be overwhelming and won't hit you like a high speed train not just due to mixing the styles and steering to Rock territory from the Metal, but also partly due to a fine sense for melody. It’s definitely not a boring listen and offers a lot of different facets. STAM1NA are a talented band who aren’t afraid to experiment and perfect it, not bending to the dictate of what currently sells they seem to sound current anyhow. Personally I think best listen comes in several sittings rather than just one, with sound so diverse it’s best to digest it slowly, if you want the most out of it anyhow.


01. Rautasorkka
02. Kalmankansa
03. Panzerfaust
04. Kuoliaaksi Ruoskitut Hevoset
05. Masiina
06. Heikko Ehkä
07. Dynamo
08. Kylmä Kuuma Kylmä
09. Usko Pois
10. Kolmen Minuutin Hiljaisuus
11. SLK


Antti Hyyrynen – vocals, guitar
Pekka Olkkonen – guitar
Teppo Velin – drums
Kai-Pekka Kangasmäki – bass
Emil Lähteenmäki – Keyboards

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stam1na slk


Music: 8
Sound: 8.5
Total: 8.75 / 10

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