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Artist: Torul
Single: Saviour of love
Genre: Indie Pop / Electro Pop / Darkwave, Electronic
Release Date: 2nd September 2016
Label: Infacted Recordings

Single review

The Slovenian band TORUL was founded by Torul Torulson who is the songwriter and producer of the band. Their first album ‘Dark matters’ was released in 2010 and reached, despite the poor promotion, some attention with two singles from this album. Right after signing to the German independent label Infacted Recordings, they released the second album ‘In Whole’ and the two released singles made it even into the top 3 of diverse alternative charts. In 2013 the band was support for MESH for the European tour. TORUL also performed at the Wave Gotik Treffen and the Amphi Festival. 4 studio albums and including this one 10 singles/ EPs were released. In February Jan, the singer, left the band for personal reasons and is replaced by Maj Valerij.

I have to admit that at the first listening I really missed the remarkable voice of Jan. But in the end you have to understand that TORUL is the project of Torul Torulson and thus all other members are replaceable. So this EP is a kind of debut for the new singer on board of TORUL. And I have to say he had his baptism of fire and can convince with a good voice. After the second or third listening the voice of the singer has charmed into your ears and heart. The song itself is wonderful danceable Synth Pop/ Future Pop song of high quality like we are used to of the band. The cover version of THE CURE song is ok transported into a dark Synth Pop song but actually it couldn’t really convince me. There I’m too much a fan of THE CURE and definitely prefer the original. But of course there are some remix versions of ‚Saviour of love‘. The first one bears unmistakably the hallmarks of SONO. The remix version of INTO THE KNOT surely is suitable as dance track for the clubs but this is also the case of the Extended mix.


01. Saviour of love (Original single edit)
02. A night like this (THE CURE cover)
03. Saviour of love (SONO remix)
04. Saviour of love (INTO THE KNOT remix)
05. Saviour of love (Extended mix)


Torul Torulson - songwriting, production
Borut Dolenec - guitar, synthesizer
Maj Valerij - vocals

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Music: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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