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placebo aplaceforustodream
Artist: Placebo
Title: A Place for us to dream
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: 7th October 2016
Label: Vertigo Berlin

Album Review

PLACEBO celebrate 20th anniversary since their debut album has been released. The present is a retrospective ‘A Place For Us To Dream – 20 Years Of Placebo’. The compilation contains almost all PLACEBO singles title songs, except for ‘Burger Queen Français’, ‘Twenty Years’ and ‘The Never-Ending Why’. The newest single ‘Jesus’ Son’ and the 2016-version of ‘36 Degrees’ are also included. It's an amazing collection item, as the album was released as a four vinyl sets – with black and pink vinyl, and as a double CD.

For the cover of the ‘A Place For Us To Dream - 20 Years Of Placebo’ the band chose a photo ‘Vancouver kiss’, which became legendary. 2011 in Vancouver a couple accidentally got in the middle of the hockey riot chased by the police. The girl panicked and doesn't really remember what happened next, but the cameras captured as she was hit by policemen. Her boyfriend stayed with her on the ground to comfort her. It could be a PLACEBO song, couldn't it? Out of chaos, out of inner riot, out of insecurity chased by insanity, comes the pure and innocent intention - to comfort and to love. No matter what is going on around, as long as a person has a connection to a beloved one - nothing really matters. The album’s title ‘A Place for Us to Dream’ comes from the ‘Narcoleptic’ (‘Black Market Music’, 2000). The song not only about self-contempt for drug reliance but contempt for partner in decaying relationship reminds us  once more of what is most important. It's hard to believe, it's been twenty years now, but we can describe each of them with a PLACEBO quote.


01. Pure Morning (radio edit)
02. Jesus' Son (radio edit)
03. Come Home
04. Every You Every Me (single version)
05. Too Many Friends
06. Nancy Boy (radio edit)
07. 36 Degrees (2016 version)
08. Taste in Men (radio edit)
09. The Bitter End
10. Without You I'm Nothing (featuring David Bowie; single version)
11. English Summer Rain (single version)
12. Breathe Underwater (slow)
13. Soulmates
14. Meds (featuring Alison Mosshart; single version)
15. Bright Lights (single version)
16. Song to Say Goodbye (radio edit)
17. Infra-Red
18. Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)

01. B3 (radio edit)
02. For What It's Worth
03. Teenage Angst
04. You Don't Care About Us (radio edit)
05. Ashtray Heart
06. Broken Promise (featuring Michael Stipe)
07. Slave to the Wage (radio edit)
08. Bruise Pristine (radio edit)
09. This Picture
10. Protège-Moi
11. Because I Want You (redux)
12. Black-Eyed
13. Lazarus
14. I Know (2008 version)
15. A Million Little Pieces (radio edit)
16. Special Needs (radio edit)
17. Special K
18. Loud Like Love (radio edit)


Brian Molko - lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, piano, percussion, harmonica, saxophone
Stefan Olsdal - bass guitar, guitars, keyboards, piano, backing vocals

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Cover Picture

placebo aplaceforustodream


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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