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tenek smokemirrors
Artist: Tenek
Single: Smoke & Mirrors
Genre: Indie Pop / Electro Pop / Darkwave / Electronic
Release Date: 9th December 2015
Label: Bandcamp

Album Review

Founded in 2007, the band from Essex/ Sussex, UK, consisting of Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer, has released three albums and nine singles/ EPs. Naming Electronic/ Synth Pop bands from the 80’s and 90’s as their roots, they both try to give this heritage a fresh feeling with their own style. Both Geoff and Peter have gathered a lot of experiences in other bands and projects that flow in TENEK, especially in performing live. Their joy in playing live carries quickly over the audience. As of late TENEK has two new band members on board: Steve Clark on drums and Pat Bennet on bass. The band has played at concerts and festivals alongside with THE HUMAN LEAGUE, MESH, DE/VISION, MARSHEAUX, FRONT 242, A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, ASSEMBLAGE 23, IRIS, REPUBLICA, TOYAH, and BLANCMANGE and toured in several countries of Europe, as well as in Russia. The first two albums ‘Statesless’ and ‘On the wire’ were already well received and now after working three years on it the third finally sees the light of day.

With this album the band sticks to its roots by creating fine electronic sounds referring to the eighties but blending it every now and then with some Rock elements. Already with the first song - apart from the Synth Pop sound - the way the bass is played reflects the style of 80’s music. As both, Geoff and Peter, are good singers they don’t have the lead singer arrangement and so they sing the songs alternately as already on the former albums. While most of the songs have more of dance tracks you will also find in ‘Blue man‘, ‘A new foundation‘ and ‘Smoke and mirrors’ more balladry ones. In ‘Headlights‘ you hear clearly the Rock elements right from the first tunes. While you might not see this album as a concept album, you nevertheless find a golden threat in the lyrics as it is about the observation that nothing is what it seems especially in relationships and interactions. And sometimes it’s only smoke and mirrors. Once more TENEK made it to create an album that makes lovers hearts of the eighties Synth- Pop sound leap for joy without sounding outdated.


01. Everything lost
02. Fear for nothing
03. Another day (album version)
04. What kind of friend? (album version)
05. Blue man
06. Headlights
07. A new foundation (album version)
08. Sunlight
09. Imitation of live
10. Soloman
11. Smoke and mirrors


Geoff Pinckney - vocals, keyboard
Peter Steer - vocals, guitar
Steve Clark - drums

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Cover Picture

tenek smokemirrors


Music: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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