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torul reset
Artist: Torul
Title: Reset
Genre: Synth Pop / Indie / Electro
Release Date: 23rd September 2016
Label: Infacted Recordings

Album Review

Reset was kind of necessity for TORUL after the vocalist Jan Jenko left the band. However, even with the new vocalist the title ‘Reset’ promises more than it can give. TORUL managed to replace its previous band member with pretty much the same voice and even appearance. Which would be quite a prove of a dictatorship of the mastermind in the band: everything should be perfect and just like thought through. TORUL opened the new page in the electronic music, but with all their love to experiments they don’t seem to be looking forward to turn this page.

TORUL found a golden formula and successfully exploits it for years now. ‘Reset’ is the fourth studio album of the band. It’s been a long awaited record, and here’s why: if you don’t get lost with the cosmic synths and astral melodies, you’ve never been dreaming and fantasizing. If you don’t fall in love with brilliant jewellery guitars by Borut - you don’t have heart. And if you’re not ready to follow where ever Maj’s voice calls you - you’re might be simply deaf # it’s the only salvation against sirens. Among the few surprises you can find on the record are the amazing post-rock guitars like in ‘Like a Sound’ and even more exciting guitar solos; or old school synth pop track ‘You Test My Heart’, an inspiration from SOFT CELL and BRONSKI BEAT. The rest is a signature style: lounge music with lots of drama in it. Aside for the hit-singles, TORUL has never been a great choice for a party where you wanna dance your ass off. This music fits rather for a romantic evening for yourself, watching the stars reflecting on your ceiling and crying your eyes out, since every minute is a new level of how beautiful the life can be.



01. Savior of love
02. Like a sound
03. The prize
04. To be wanting you
05. You test my heart
06. An answer
07. Glowing again
08. Count me in
09. Monday
10. Roll your dice
11. Further skies


Torul, Borut Dolenec, Maj Valerij

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torul reset


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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