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Artist: Scream Silence
Album: Aphelia
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 20th April 2007
Label: Plainsong Records


How much time does a band need to record an album? From their foundation in 1998 until 2006, the German band already released five fulltime albums and some singles, i.e. the cover of ‘The sparrows and the nightingales’ (originally by WOLFSHEIM). Although the last album ‘Saviourine’ is just some months old, the new one is announced for April this year. It will be released on their own label. Already the last album was a huge success and they even did a video for the song ‘Creed’. The new album ‘Aphelia’ will be even more impressive and worth listening. Nearly nine years after the beginning, the band is already more than just another Goth-Rock band. They constantly developed their style and work and especially singer Hardy Fieting became one of the best German live singers.

Line up

Hardy Fieting (vocals)
Robert Klausch (guitar)
René Gödde (guitar)
Hagen Schneevogt (bass)
Heiko Wolf (drums)


Song Review

01. My Eyes (06:56)
The first song is so typical for the band. It’s an impressive and epic gothic rock ballad. The additional strings and piano sounds support the melancholy and the power of the song. It’s the perfect opener for the album. It is rocking and also tender. It shows all strengths of the band.

02. Harvest (3:55)
Introduced by the guitar this song quickly shows its quality: a catchy refrain. The powerful guitar and drums are pushing it to the end, which comes to far. So if there would be any need for a single, this song would be my hit.

03. Kerosene (3:58)
This is one of the “darker” songs of the album. Hardy sings very deep in the refrain, but tender in the single verses. The song is supported by a slight keyboard melody and as the opposite by very heavy guitars.

04. The Vitriol (4:38)
The strength of this song is the power and speed. Hardy uses his higher voice and in totally opposite to the lyrics the song is some kind of Pop. The drums are maybe a little bit too rattling, but the guitar melody is very catchy and the song will stay in your mind for some days.

05. Nothingness (5:46)
The song begins softly with an acoustic guitar and Hardy’s tender voice. Then the song slowly grows into an epic, dark ballad, which even contains growls. The rest of the song is supported by the background lines, which doubles and strengthens Hardy’s voice. At the end the songs leads out with a classical string melody.

06. My tenebrous illusion (3:56)
This is also a “typical” song of Scream Silence. That solid song is based on a catchy refrain. The melody is set a little bit deeper then the others, but the song is fast and pushing. Hardy’s voice is also echoing during the song.

07. Unspoken (6:33)
The song begins very dark. The bass-lines are very deep. The singing changes between deep and high parts. Even when the song nearly ends, the refrain starts again and the song gets faster and a keyboard melody leads out.

08. In every sin (3:22)
The song starts with deep singing, but a fast and light keyboard melody. The opposition of these two sides brings dynamic into the song. The refrain is really a catchy tune.

09. Riders (3:43)
Like the rest of the album the song got a catchy melody in the background, which is here supported by a light guitar line. The song ends with atmospheric sounds and is directly leading to ‘Aphelia’ without any break between.

10. Aphelia (10:39)
The title track begins so tender and slow. Hardy’s voice echoes and the light guitar seems to open a quiet ballad. After more than four and a half minute the song totally changes into a doom and dark one. Nearly the same lyrics got repeated until the end of the song and it reminds me a little bit of an entreaty. Than after more than six minutes the song gets lighter and the melody is supported by piano parts. The song ends as an instrumental one. However in my opinion these are three songs in one.

Live Bonus Tracks

01.  Harvest (4:57)
The song wasn’t released, when they recorded the concert. The shot proofs Hardy’s qualities as a live singer and the potential of the song becoming a hit. Playing this song during their concerts was a good introduction for the new album. This song contains all strengths and the tempo of the new record.

02. Consolation (4:10)
The song is from the album ‘Seven tears’, which came out in 2003. The song has a long introduction and the catchy melody is supported on stage by a dynamic drum. Hardy quickly changes between singing deep and high.

03.  Immortal (5:15)
The original song was released on ‘To die for…’, which was the first album in 1999. It’s still one of their best songs and even contains Hardy’s early growls. The song is very sad and dark, but rousing. The keyboard melody reminds of orchestral parts. The string melody is so beautiful.

Cover Picture

Technical Summary

Total playing time: 70:52
Total songs: 12


So, this is already one of the best albums of this year. It will be very hard topping this challenge. The band is still developing their style, but keeping their best parts. It will be a pleasure listening to these songs live. I still hope there will be a full release of the rest live recordings of 2006.


Music:  10
Sound:  9
Extras:  -
Total: 9.5

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