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sono human
Artist: Sono
Title: Human
Genre: Electro Pop
Release Date: 12th October 2018
Label: Sono Music

Album Review

We all know SONO since their famous song ‘Keep Control’. ‘Human’ is their 6th studio album and it begins with ‘Trip’ which is starting very smooth. It comes with the crystal clear voice of Lennart A. Salomon paired with spherical and pure Electro Pop sounds. Next song is ‘Somewhere Beyond The Sea’ which is continuing the slower sound, even though we have here some interesting beats. The chorus is surprising because there we have a nice melody. Song number three is ‘Catastrophe’ which is finally bringing us some beats we expected. Some really nice breakbeats, perfect melody, great vocals and catchy chorus! Next track is ‘Let Go’ which continues the danceable, feed tapping sound. Also we have a pretty melodic chorus. This is my favourite so far.

Song number five is ‘Top Of The World’ which ties on the songs before. Pure Elctro Pop song like it should sound. Next track is ‘Amplify’. This song is slowing us down, starting with clear vocals and some grounded synths. Nice song to calm down after a long day. Song number seven is ‘Ghost In The Machine’. That song is starting with synth elements which are typical for Future Pop paired with pretty good vocals. It is going over into melodic Pop sounds. Another secret hint from me! Track number eight is ‘Good Enough’ which is reminding me on typical 80ies sound. Not meant bad in any way. Rounded up track! Song number nine, ‘Behind These Eyes’, has great vocals, spherical and melodic synth sounds. No ballad but a grounded song! Last track is ‘One More Before Go’ and this song I would put in different style, kind of modern house or stuff like that. Surprising good album!


01. Trip
02. Somewhere Beyond The Sea
03. Catastrophe
04. Let Go
05. Top Of The World
06. Amplify
07. Ghost In The Machine
08. Good Enough
09. Behind These Eyes
10. One More Before Go (feat. Hosh)


Lennart A. Salomon
Florian Sikorski
Martin Weiland

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sono human


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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