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pylonpeople hooklandtransmission1
Artist: Pylon People
Title: Hookland Transmission #1: Starfall Common
Genre: Electronic / Synth Wave
Release Date: 2nd February 2019
Label: self-released

Album Review

PYLON PEOPLE as a new, in 2019 founded, project by Marco Visconti (known from XP8 and FADERHEAD) is, to say the least, the most different music project I listened to in the last years. You are looking for dark, magical and haunting stories covered in spherical, yet electronica inspired music - here you go. The story behind ‘Hookland Transmission #1: Starfall Common’ is based on the ‘Hookland stories’ - a fictional English county - created by David Southwell. Southwell is author of some best-selling books on conspiracy theories and other mysterious cases. Hookland as a fictional place is based on the stories of the area where David Sothwell grew up as a child - Southend / Essex, UK - an area that was full of haunting, mysterious and strange stories for many centuries.

The first release of PYLON PEOPLE ‘Starfall Common’ (available via Bandcamp) picks the atmosphere that is surrounding the myths of Hookland up and transfers them into the current age or even more into the unknown future. The Electronica & Synth Wave based music has a prepossessing effect. Quite disturbing and fascinating as the same time. The original version is based on spoken vocal samples by Marco Visconti and spherical, witchy vocals by Layla Legard. The track is like a magic spell and it feels like you suddenly crashed a secret ritual and are now invited to join it. A really strong combination of words and sound elements & beats that make it a really cool club track.

The ‘Hawthonn Version’ of the track is more minimalistic and does not include the spoken samples by Marco, just Layla’s vocals and the music is more minimal, enchanting and bewitching in a fascinatingly calm, hypnotizing way. The third - ‘Tempel ov Saturn’ version - of ‘Starfall Common’ is a pure, naked instrumental version with no vocals at all. When you listen to the three versions directly one after another you will still believe to hear the witchy female vocals in your ears during the third version - which is a really spooky, yet great effect. From the first glimpses we get here - a very promising project with hopefully more music to come.


01. Starfall Common
02. Starfall Common (Hawthonn Version)
03. Starfall Common (Tempel ov Saturn)


Marco Visconti

Website /

Cover Picture

pylonpeople hooklandtransmission1


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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