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solveigmattildur constantlyinlove
Artist: Sólveig Matthildur
Title: Constantly In Love
Genre: Post Punk / Electronic / Trip Hop
Release Date: 19th April 2019
Label: Artoffact Records

Album Review

‘Constantly in Love’ is SOLVEIG MATTHILDUR’s second album after last year’s self-released ‘Unexplained Miseries And The Acceptance of Sorrow’. On first listen my impression was of something a little flat and clipped. But with repeated listens I got to experience the inner feelings of a mind coming to terms with relationship break up, grief, isolation and fear for the future. The tumultuous nocturnal emissions of a restless and pained mind all wrapped up in a blanket of doleful reality. Early tracks on the album (‘My Desperation’ and ‘Your Desperation’) feel quite subdued in range, a bit like a low but prolonged sob heard through an open window early on a foggy morning. Low on range but not of want of intensity or pain.

The only track on this album that had my mind wandering off into areas not related to inner turmoil was the track ‘Constantly Heartbroken’. I think I was skimming through things on my to do list for the following day at this point before I caught myself and dragged myself back to the track. If I am honest also there was a feeling of “Oh for god sake woman snap out of it! But in the grip of grief you search for answers that are not forthcoming but you still ask the same questions or rephrased versions of the same questions hoping the answers you want suddenly appear in front of you and thus give you the clarity so desired. The heartbreak finally ends when you accept that you will never know the answers. If answers are revealed they offer a glimpse into the state of mind of the heartbreaker and offer no reflection on any perceived flaw you may have!”

‘Metamorphosis’ starts at this point! Later on the tracks become more confident, more accepting as the grief emotions cross the line into the realms of acceptance and resolution. At the point where ‘Dystopian Boy’ begins the tone and range become brighter, like a middle finger is being flipped to say “I am OK, you can’t keep me down!” The next track, ‘I’m OK’, pretty much affirms this with Dylan Travis from the band SOME EMBER performing the refrain as if you reinforce the healing process. The constant throughout all of this is Solveig’s silky and slightly smoky vocal, one instant feeling forlorn and wistful whilst at others giving glimpses of an anger not placated. Pain in youth can be a hard thing to bare. It is amplified and the end of the world is nigh. Your pain is more painful than the pain of others. It can be unbearable! But the pain of living is a pain we all must bare to become fully rounded individuals and I think this album encapsulates that feeling perfectly. Whether you are a novice to emotional pain or one who’s acclimatised to it I’m sure there will be many voices echoing around the inside of heads exclaiming privately “That's how I feel!”

In summary this album is an album in need of numerous plays to get the most out of it, the effort put in reaps reward!


01. Constantly In Love
02. My Desperation
03. Your Desperation
04. Tomas
05. My Father Taught Me How To Cry
06. Constantly Heartbroken
07. Dystopian Boy
08. Utopian Girl
09. I’m Ok
10. The End
11. Your Desperation (Hante Remix)


Solveig Matthildur - Vocals, Synths, Drums


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solveigmattildur constantlyinlove


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8/ 10

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